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Top Boy, the British crime drama series that everyone’s been talking about, has reached its epic conclusion, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. This show has won hearts with its real-life portrayal of life in East London’s tough neighborhoods, covering topics like crime, poverty, and survival.


The Big Finish

On September 7th, 2023, the final season of Top Boy was released, and fans were glued to their screens. With a gripping story and lifelike characters, Top Boy has become a go-to crime drama. The show perfectly captures the struggles of its characters, making it a must-watch for anyone who loves gritty, urban dramas.


What Happened at the End?

In the last season of Top Boy, we witnessed some intense action. Dushane and Sully, the main characters, found themselves in deep trouble as rival gangs and the police closed in on them. They were trying to keep their place in the dangerous world of the drug trade in East London.

A new character, Jamie, added more spice to the story. Jamie was ambitious and ruthless, making him a big player in East London’s shady dealings. This led to intense showdowns between Dushane, Sully, and Jamie, where they had to make some tough choices to survive.


Sully’s Shocking Move

Now, the big question on everyone’s mind is: Why did Sully kill Jamie? It’s not a simple answer. Sully felt threatened by Jamie’s rise to power. Jamie wasn’t just a rival; he was a traitor too, double-crossing Sully and Dushane. Trust was in short supply, and revenge was in the air.

In a moment of desperation and anger, Sully took matters into his own hands. He confronted Jamie, and in a dramatic and intense scene, he ended Jamie’s life. This was the culmination of their bitter feud, showing just how brutal the drug trade can be and what happens when betrayal runs deep.


Lauryn’s Heartbreaking Journey

Another character we need to talk about is Lauryn. Her story took a dark and tragic turn, shedding light on the harsh reality of trauma and addiction. Lauryn escaped an abusive relationship, but the scars it left behind were deep. She became a mother, but her past continued to haunt her.

Lauryn’s battle with substance abuse was evident. Despite her sister Jaq’s efforts to help her break free from her troubled past, Lauryn couldn’t escape her demons. She sometimes turned to drugs, despite moments of hope, like a job offer.

Tragically, Lauryn’s addiction took her life. She was found drowned in her bathtub, leaving Jaq and Becks devastated as they tried to reach out to her.



The final season of Top Boy delivered all the suspense and drama fans could have hoped for. Sully’s decision to eliminate Jamie showcased the ruthless nature of the drug trade, while Lauryn’s story highlighted the harsh reality of addiction. Top Boy has certainly left its mark on the world of gritty crime dramas, and fans will be talking about this ending for a long time.