What Happens At The End Of Manifest What Happened To The Plane In Manifest



The Final Chapter of Manifest

After four seasons filled with suspense, science fiction, and emotional roller coasters, Manifest has reached its climactic conclusion. The story of Flight 828 and its passengers finally comes to a close. But what exactly happened in the series finale, and what fate befell the enigmatic plane?


Confronting the Death Date

In the series finale of Manifest, the passengers aboard Flight 828 face their ultimate reckoning—the dreaded Death Date. Cal, a central character, combines the sapphire stone with a remnant of Noah’s Ark, making a profound sacrifice. A mysterious blue beam beckons all passengers to a significant moment of truth.


 A Plane Reborn

The plane that vanished in the third season’s finale reappears in a spectacular fashion, emerging from a volcano. It seems ready to transport the passengers to their final destination. Amidst this extraordinary event, Angelina, who believes herself to be a chosen archangel, strives to save select passengers.


Forgiveness and Redemption

Olive, in a heartfelt discovery, realizes her father Ben’s curious interest in Angelina’s photo from Al-Zuras’ notebook. She understands that forgiveness is crucial to their path to salvation. As the passengers board the plane to face their ultimate judgment, some meet a tragic end, disintegrating into ash.


A Dark Challenge

Eleven passengers fail the final test, including Angelina. In the midst of this, Adrian, trusting in Eagan’s goodness, makes a courageous sacrifice in his place. Meanwhile, Saanvi, grappling with her destiny, receives guidance from Ben, helping her find forgiveness within herself.


Confronting the Unknown

The passengers’ trials are far from over, as a dark figure or angel emerges, presenting the ultimate challenge—a test of unwavering faith. Michaela, Ben, and others defend their benevolent deeds, ultimately convincing the enigmatic being to vanish. Upon arriving in New York City, the passengers realize that a second chance awaits them, transforming their outlook on life.


Reunions and New Beginnings

In the wake of their triumphant confrontation with the Death Date, passengers like Saanvi and Alex are reunited. Michaela and Zeke embark on a fresh start, and Ben confidently assures Grace that Saanvi will cure Cal’s illness. The passengers, now transformed by their journey, eagerly embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.


 Decoding the Fate of Flight 828

While the passengers’ fate has been revealed, what about the plane itself? The curious events surrounding Flight 828 have intrigued viewers from the beginning. In 2013, as the plane departed from Jamaica en route to New York City, turbulence shook the aircraft. Captain Daly initially attributed it to bad weather, but things took a bizarre turn.


A Brush with the Unexplained

Black lightning engulfed the plane from all directions, leaving Captain Daly with a crucial decision to make. He piloted the plane directly into a blinding white light, a choice that ultimately saved the lives of everyone on board. Dr. Saanvi Bahl correctly deduced that there was nothing inherently unique about the passengers or the plane itself.


 A Divine Revelation

As the investigation progressed, it was revealed that the blinding glow the plane entered was the Divine Consciousness, where time and space operated differently, propelling them more than five years into the future. The passengers became linked to this consciousness, leading to the mysterious Callings they experienced.


 The Plane’s Role in Their Quest

The NSA sought to study the plane, but its exploration was cut short when it exploded. However, the passengers continued to see the plane during their Callings, representing the Glow that guided them in understanding their mission and the Divine Consciousness that could help them survive the Death Date.


Unraveling the Plane’s Connection to Calamities

Experiments conducted on the recovered tailfin uncovered sapphires within it, as well as evidence of impending calamities like volcanic fissures and earthquakes. Cal’s disappearance upon touching the tailfin and Saanvi’s decision to dispose of it near a volcanic fissure added to the plane’s mystique.


A Mysterious Return

The plane reappeared dramatically, emerging unharmed from a volcanic fissure after Cal connected the Sapphire with the piece of Noah’s Ark. When the passengers boarded the plane, they soared into the Glow, ultimately returning to 2013. The original timeline was restored, but the eleven passengers who failed the final judgment were lost forever.


A Return to Normalcy

For everyone else, life returned to normal, and the plane transformed back into an ordinary one, likely destined for more flights. The mysteries surrounding Flight 828 and its passengers may have been unveiled, but the impact of their extraordinary journey will resonate with them as they step into the unknown.

In the end, Manifest delivered a riveting conclusion that left viewers with a sense of closure, while also raising questions about the nature of time, consciousness, and the resilience of the human spirit.