“What Happens When You Die” Slate Article Explained, Is It Real Or Fake


A Remarkable Story Unfolds In a recent Slate article titled “What Happens When You Die?

Unlike Most People, I Know. I Even Have Video,” Oregon-based writer Peter Jakubowicz shares his astonishing encounter with death. This gripping tale has captured the attention of the internet, as Jakubowicz delves into the moments following his near-fatal heart attack.

A Mysterious Disappearance Jakubowicz’s narrative commences on November 7, 2022, when he believes he met his demise. However, his first memory after this life-altering event places him in an ICU, where a doctor informs him of his heart attack, which had occurred during a hockey game the previous night.

A Desperate Race Against Time Rushed to a Portland hospital with a bleak prognosis, the medical notes reveal the gravity of his situation. Doctors expressed grave concern about his multiple organ systems, some already showing signs of failure, and a high risk of imminent life-threatening deterioration.

A Journey Through the Void During a perplexing period of unconsciousness, Jakubowicz found himself in a formless abyss. It wasn’t a realm of darkness; instead, it was a profound absence of everything. He struggled to retain his sense of self, even though he couldn’t see anything. His description paints a surreal picture of his existence during this time.


Assessing the Article’s Authenticity

The question arises: Is Jakubowicz’s account in the Slate article genuine or a work of fiction? While it’s challenging to definitively prove its authenticity, the story’s lack of embellishments and the straightforward, raw nature of his experiences suggest that this may be a truthful account.


 Peter Jakubowicz

– The Writer and Observer Examining Jakubowicz’s body of work, it’s clear that he primarily writes about his own observations, steering clear of fiction. His Twitter profile reinforces this notion, describing him as a writer, editor, and storyteller with a passion for ice hockey. His articles on diverse topics, from the subatomic world to the NHL, reveal his broad range of interests.

Your Take on This Extraordinary Experience Have you had the chance to read Peter Jakubowicz’s extraordinary account of his near-death experience? Do you believe it to be grounded in reality or a skillfully crafted hoax with elements of truth? Share your thoughts on this transcendental encounter in the comments below.

Peter Jakubowicz’s story of his near-death journey continues to spark discussions and debates about the mysteries of life and death. As we ponder the profound questions raised by his experience, it serves as a reminder of the enduring fascination humans have with the great unknown that lies beyond our mortal existence.