Where is American Idol’s Nutsa Buzaladze from?



American Idol’s Season 21 has introduced us to the incredible talent of Nutsa Buzaladze. While she’s capturing hearts with her singing, Nutsa is not new to the world of television fame. Let’s dive into her journey and find out where she comes from.


From Georgia to the World

Nutsa hails from Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, a country nestled at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Bordered by Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey, Georgia is a nation of rich culture and history. It’s from this diverse land that Nutsa brings her remarkable talent to American Idol.


A Journey of Musical Achievements

Nutsa’s musical journey extends far beyond American Idol. In 2015, she showcased her talent on Turkey’s version of The Voice, impressing judges and earning her spot on the team of renowned Belgian-Turkish singer Hadise. Not stopping there, Nutsa made her mark at the Eurovision Song Contest, securing an impressive second place.


Triumphs and Challenges

Nutsa’s musical prowess earned her the international artist award at Albania’s prestigious singing competition, Kënga Magjike. She even ventured into the realm of dance, participating in Georgia’s edition of Dancing With The Stars, where she exhibited her resilience, despite sustaining a leg injury.


Nutsa’s Musical Legacy

In 2019, Nutsa shared her creative genius with the world, releasing her EP titled “Nutsa22”. This collection boasts soul-stirring tracks like “In My Dreams”, “Forever Mine”, “Beautiful Lies”, and “White Horses Run”, showcasing her versatility and artistry.


Nutsa’s Digital Presence

On Instagram, Nutsa’s star power shines bright, with a dedicated following of 375K. Her posts offer a glimpse into her American Idol journey, and she’s also hard at work on her original compositions. On March 17, she treated her fans to her latest single, “Alive”, a testament to her evolving musical prowess.