Where is Bodie from The Voice Now? Season 22 Runner-Up



Bodie, the talented vocalist, made quite an impression on The Voice Season 22, ultimately becoming the runner-up. At just 29 years old, he showcased his remarkable talent in the singing competition, leaving a lasting mark. Coached by Blake Shelton, Bodie’s voice stood out, capturing the attention of not only Blake but also Gwen Stefani and Camila Cabello. John, another judge, predicted a finale spot for him.


Bodie’s Choice: Team Blake

In the end, Bodie chose Blake as his mentor, a decision that proved instrumental in his journey. Blake provided unwavering support, encouraging Bodie to refine his skills and explore unique arrangements. This guidance propelled Bodie through the competition, culminating in a well-deserved runner-up title. Following the show, fans are eager to learn more about Bodie’s current whereabouts.


Life After The Voice

Presently, Bodie enjoys a happy married life with his wife Royale. Their journey together spans seven years, during which they welcomed three beautiful children – two daughters and a son. Bodie’s audition left an indelible mark, with all four judges vying to have him on their team. His choice of Blake set the stage for an incredible partnership.


A Heartfelt Thank You

Though Bodie secured immense support from voters, he landed as the second-place finalist in The Voice Season 22. Following the finale, he expressed heartfelt gratitude to his dedicated fanbase. He assured them that this is just the beginning, and there’s much more in store. In June, Bodie celebrated his eighth wedding anniversary with Royale, a talented photographer. Their journey together continues to inspire.


The Legacy Continues

Bodie’s journey on The Voice Season 22 showcased not only his incredible talent but also the support he garnered from fans and his coach, Blake. As the runner-up, Bodie left an indelible mark on the show’s history. Stay tuned for more updates on this rising star.


Conclusion: A Journey Worth Celebrating

Bodie’s time on The Voice Season 22 was nothing short of spectacular. His voice resonated with audiences, earning him a well-deserved spot as the runner-up. With Blake Shelton’s guidance and the unwavering support of his fans, Bodie’s journey continues beyond the show. As he ventures into new chapters, there’s no doubt that his talent will continue to shine. Stay tuned for more updates on this rising star, and witness the next chapter in Bodie’s musical journey.