Where Is Jesse Beyer Going After Leaving Global Weather? Salary for New Job




In this article, we uncover the latest developments in the career of Jesse Beyer, a well-known figure in the field of meteorology. After serving as the chief meteorologist for Global News in Edmonton, Alberta, for eight years, Jesse Beyer has decided to step into a new professional journey within Corus Entertainment. We will delve into the details of this transition and explore the salary expectations for his new role.


Jesse Beyer’s Meteorological Legacy

Jesse Beyer has been a trusted name in meteorology, bringing accurate and timely weather forecasts to viewers in Alberta. Over the years, his dedication has cultivated a loyal following among the province’s residents. Beyer’s weather updates during Global News at Noon, Global News at 5, and Global News Hour at 6 have been indispensable for those planning their day. His reach extended beyond television, as he provided daily forecasts on 630CHED and Global News Radio 880 Edmonton. Beyer’s reputation as a dependable and knowledgeable meteorologist is well-deserved.


A New Chapter in Corus Entertainment

While Jesse Beyer’s decision to leave Global News may come as a surprise to many, he assures his viewers that he is not bidding farewell to the broadcasting industry. Instead, he is embarking on a fresh journey within Corus Entertainment, the parent company of Global News. Although the specifics of his new role have not been disclosed, Beyer’s move signifies his eagerness to diversify his expertise and explore different facets of the industry. It also reflects the trust and confidence Corus Entertainment places in his abilities.


A Loss for Global News, An Opportunity for Jesse Beyer

The departure of Jesse Beyer from Global News undoubtedly leaves a void for the network and its audience. His meteorological prowess and engaging on-air presence have significantly contributed to the success of Global News’ weather segment. However, this transition also presents an exciting opportunity for Beyer to apply his skills and knowledge in a fresh capacity within Corus Entertainment. Leveraging his experience, he has the potential to make a considerable impact in his forthcoming role.


Jesse Beyer’s Future in Broadcasting

While viewers may be surprised by Jesse Beyer’s departure from Global News, it is by no means the culmination of his broadcasting career. With a new professional venture within Corus Entertainment on the horizon, Beyer is enthusiastic about continuing his contributions to the field. As he embraces this new chapter, he extends his gratitude to the viewers who have welcomed him into their homes over the years. It’s worth noting that during his time at Global News, he earned an approximate salary of $200,000. The future holds immense promise for this talented meteorologist as he takes on fresh challenges and explores novel opportunities within the industry.



Jesse Beyer’s journey in meteorology has been marked by trust, dedication, and unwavering commitment to providing accurate weather forecasts. While his departure from Global News marks the end of one chapter, his new role within Corus Entertainment signals the beginning of an exciting and promising phase in his broadcasting career. As he steps into the unknown, Beyer carries with him the appreciation of viewers and the potential to make a significant impact in his evolving role. The broadcasting industry can undoubtedly look forward to more remarkable contributions from Jesse Beyer in the future.