Which Is Better, Poliwrath Or Politoed: Best Evolution In Pokémon GO Explained



Have you ever been stuck deciding which evolution is best for your Pokémon? If you have a Poliwhirl, you might be facing this exact dilemma. This adorable Pokémon can evolve into either a Poliwrath or a Politoed. But which one will benefit you the most? Let’s explore the details of these two powerful evolutions.


Poliwrath’s Strengths

In Pokémon GO, choosing Poliwrath as the evolution for your Poliwhirl is slightly better than going for Politoed. Poliwrath stands out with higher attack and defense stats, even though both have the same HP. This Pokémon, being a water/fighting type, can learn potent fighting-type moves that Politoed cannot.


Politoed’s Prowess

On the other hand, Politoed is a pure water Pokémon and excels in using incredibly powerful Water-type attacks. This gives it an edge over Poliwrath when it comes to water-based moves.


Differences in Stats

When it comes to stats, Poliwrath boasts an attack and defense rating of 182 and 185 respectively, while Politoed lags slightly behind with 174 and 179. This small difference can make a significant impact in battles.


Type Distinctions

Poliwrath is a water/fighting type, which comes with various strengths and weaknesses. It’s weak against electric, fairy, flying, grass, and psychic types, but resilient against bugs, dark, fire, ice, rock, steel, and water types. On the other hand, Politoed, being a pure water type, has fewer vulnerabilities but also fewer resistances. It’s susceptible to fire, ice, steel, and water types.


Unique Moves

Poliwrath offers a wider range of fast attacks compared to Politoed. However, Politoed has an advantage in being able to learn the ground-type move, Earthquake, which is not available to Poliwrath.


Evolving Your Pokémon

To evolve your Poliwhirl into a Poliwrath, you’ll need 100 Poliwag Candy. If you’re aiming for a Politoed, you’ll need an additional King’s Rock, which can be quite rare to come by. Keep this in mind when deciding which evolution to pursue.



Now that you have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of both Poliwrath and Politoed, you can make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences. So, embark on your new adventure with your evolved Pokémon and make the most of your hard-earned progress!