Who are Miles Nazaire’s parents? Dad Jacques pops up in Made in Chelsea series 19!

Who are Miles Nazaire’s parents? Dad Jacques pops up in Made in Chelsea series 19!



As Made in Chelsea enters its nineteenth series, new characters emerge, adding fresh vibes to the show. Episode 2 showcased a special guest, Miles Nazaire’s dad, Jacques. Let’s unravel the story of Miles’s parents, Jacques and Victoria.


Miles’s Mom: Victoria the Sculptor

Victoria, Miles Nazaire’s mother, is an accomplished sculptor residing in Les Issambres, France. Her artistic talent and passion for sculpting have shaped her journey.


Meet Jacques: The Multifaceted Artist

Jacques, Miles’s father, is a true Renaissance spirit. Not only is he a musician, but he’s also a gifted painter. Beyond his artistic pursuits, Jacques founded the esteemed Artpeggios Music and Art School, leaving an indelible mark on the creative landscape.


A Glimpse into Jacques’s Origins

Born in Pnom-Penh, the vibrant capital of Cambodia, Jacques brings a rich cultural tapestry to his identity. His mother hailed from the enchanting Indian city of Pondicherry, while his father’s roots trace back to the picturesque Guadeloupe.

Jacques’s formative years were punctuated by global exploration, a testament to his family’s adventurous spirit. From a boarding school near Paris to the bustling streets of Bangkok, Thailand, Jacques’s educational journey was as diverse as his background.


Jacques’s Artistic Odyssey: From London to Goldsmith College

In the pursuit of his creative aspirations, Jacques embarked on a global sojourn. The 1990s witnessed Jacques’s pivotal move to London, where he delved into the realm of artistry. His academic pursuits led him through Kensington and Chelsea College, CityLit, and culminated in a Music Degree from Goldsmith College in 200Further, he honed his craft with a Masters in Composition Studio Path in 2002.


Jacques Nazaire: A Musical Interlude on Made in Chelsea

In a delightful turn of events, viewers were treated to a heartwarming guitar jam session between Miles and Jacques at Nolita Social in Knightsbridge. The bond between father and son was palpable, resonating through their music.

As Jacques mingled with Miles’s MIC companions, fans couldn’t help but be captivated by his charismatic presence. One enthusiastic viewer took to Twitter, declaring, “Miles’ dad is possibly the most suave person I’ve ever laid eyes on.”


Conclusion: A Glimpse into Miles Nazaire’s Family Legacy

Through the lens of Made in Chelsea, we catch a glimpse of Miles Nazaire’s vibrant family tapestry. Jacques and Victoria, each with their unique artistic pursuits, have left an indelible mark on Miles’s journey. As the series unfolds, viewers are sure to witness more moments that celebrate the power of creativity and family bonds.