Who Are The Seanchan & Forsaken In THE WHEEL OF TIME?



“The Wheel of Time,” the epic fantasy TV series adapted from Robert Jordan’s beloved books, has won the hearts of viewers worldwide. Its intricate world-building and diverse characters are at the heart of its appeal. In this article, we will delve into two significant factions in the series: the Seanchan and the Forsaken.


The Seanchan: A Mysterious Empire

In “The Wheel of Time,” the Seanchan emerge as a powerful empire from a distant land across the Aryth Ocean. They are known for their strict social hierarchy and a controversial practice: enslaving channelers, individuals with magical abilities. These enslaved channelers, known as “damane” for females and “damane” for males, serve the Seanchan’s military and nobility, creating intricate dynamics within their society.

The Seanchan, driven by their belief in their right to the Westlands, pose a significant threat to our heroes’ adventures. Their arrival and intentions to conquer the lands bring forth conflict and complexity to the series.


The Forsaken: Ancient and Powerful Channelers

The Forsaken represent a formidable group of channelers who once swore allegiance to the Dark One, the series’ primary antagonist. These individuals, once part of the Aes Sedai, betrayed their original purpose and were sealed away for ages. Released to aid the Dark One’s mission, they are among the most powerful channelers in the series.

Their actions during the Age of Legends led to their imprisonment, just before the cataclysmic Breaking of the World. This event marked their fall from grace and their sealing away to prevent their malevolent influence from causing chaos in the world.

Both the Seanchan and the Forsaken add layers of political intrigue, magical conflict, and complexity to “The Wheel of Time,” captivating readers and viewers alike.


Differences Between the TV Series and the Books

While Amazon’s adaptation of “The Wheel of Time” closely follows the original plot, it introduces significant changes to improve storytelling and world-building. Notably, the TV series introduces Egwene and Nynaeve as additional ta’veren, individuals connected to the world’s Pattern, whereas the books featured only Rand, Perrin, and Mat as ta’veren.

Originally planned to cover events from the first book, the series now integrates elements from later books while saving certain aspects for the upcoming second season. This approach keeps the story fresh for both fans of the books and newcomers to the series.

The TV series remains faithful to the source novel, preserving its essence while making adjustments to enhance the viewing experience.


The Success and Future of “The Wheel of Time” Series

“The Wheel of Time” series received a second-season green light in May 2021, even before the debut of its first season. The highly anticipated second season premiered on September 1, 2023, generating excitement among fans. Furthermore, in July 2022, the show received confirmation for a third-season renewal.

For those eager to explore this epic fantasy world, the series is available for streaming on Amazon Prime, ensuring easy accessibility for viewers.



In “The Wheel of Time,” the Seanchan and the Forsaken are pivotal elements that contribute to the series’ rich tapestry of intrigue and complexity. Their unique characteristics and roles in the story make the series a compelling and immersive experience for fans of high fantasy.

As viewers continue to delve into this captivating world, they can ponder the deeper motivations and histories of the Forsaken and speculate whether redemption awaits any of them. The series, with its faithful adaptation and exciting changes, promises an exciting journey for both loyal book readers and newcomers alike.