Who Are Tony Tuivasa And Kerry Johnson: Tai Tuivasa Parents Ethnicity



Tai Tuivasa, the renowned Australian mixed martial artist, is set to face off against Alexander Volkov in an upcoming MMA fight on September 10, 2023. As the buzz around this match grows, so does curiosity about Tai’s family roots. Let’s delve into the background of this talented athlete’s parents, Tony Tuivasa and Kerry Johnson.


Tony Tuivasa and Kerry Johnson

Tai Tuivasa’s parents played a crucial role in shaping his journey. His father, Tony Tuivasa, hails from a Samoan heritage, while his mother, Kerry Johnson, is of Indigenous Australian descent. This unique blend of cultures gives Tai a rich and diverse ethnic background.


Growing Up in Mount Druitt

Tai spent his formative years in the western Sydney suburb of Mount Druitt, surrounded by his 11 siblings. Despite facing challenges, he credits his parents for providing unwavering support throughout his life. While the details about his siblings’ names and professions remain private, it’s clear that family has been a cornerstone of Tai’s success.


A Tough Path to Success

Tai Tuivasa’s journey to becoming a celebrated MMA fighter wasn’t without its difficulties. He openly acknowledges the hardships he encountered along the way. However, with the steadfast encouragement of his parents, he persevered and overcame the obstacles in his path.


Gratitude to Tony Tuivasa and Kerry JohnsoN

Tai Tuivasa’s gratitude towards his parents shines through in his interviews. He consistently expresses his appreciation for the pivotal role they played in his career. Their unwavering support and belief in him propelled Tai forward, enabling him to achieve remarkable feats in the world of mixed martial arts.



As Tai Tuivasa gears up for his highly anticipated match against Alexander Volkov, it’s important to acknowledge the significant influence of his parents, Tony Tuivasa and Kerry Johnson, in shaping his remarkable journey. Their support and guidance have been instrumental in Tai’s rise to prominence in the UFC. We look forward to witnessing Tai’s continued success in the octagon.