Who Is Air Commodore Sajjad Haider? Exclusive Interview with National Hero After Viral Video with Policeman


In recent times, the name Sayed Sajad Haider has become a sensation on the internet. His story has gone viral, trending on every major social media platform. People are captivated by his life journey and are eager to learn more about this extraordinary individual. In this article, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive overview of Air Commodore Sajjad Haider’s life and experiences. So, stay with us until the end to uncover the remarkable story of this national hero.


Who Is Air Commodore Sajjad Haider?

Air Commodore Sajjad Haider’s life took a pivotal turn in 1976 when he received advice to eliminate one “J,” a superstition he had never believed in. To everyone’s surprise, he decided to follow this advice, and the impact on his life was profound. He believes that this decision was instrumental in shaping his past, present, and future. He hopes that by sharing his candid and humble journey, you will be inspired to read his autobiography, “Flight of the Falcon,” where he delves deeper into his experiences and choices.


A Remarkable Family Background

Born in Sargodha, Air Commodore Sajjad Haider’s life story is rooted in the honorable lineage of his parents, Sayed Fazal Shah, a respected physician, and Rashida Begum, a dedicated mother known for her strict discipline and commitment to the well-being of her family. Rashida Begum, despite her responsibilities at home, managed to find time to aid the needy, particularly those suffering from tuberculosis. His childhood was spent in Quetta, where he was surrounded by the vibrant cultures of the Baluch and Pashtoon tribes, including the Bugtis, Marris, Kansis, Jogezais, and Durranis. He fondly remembers the harmonious coexistence of different cultures and the simplicity of those times.


Dreams of a Young Boy

Like any young child growing up after World War II, Air Commodore Sajjad Haider had a dream – to grow up and provide a comfortable life for his parents. Those post-war years were challenging, marked by ration cards that provided access to basic necessities like sugar, bread, tea, eggs, cooking oil, gasoline, and kerosene. His mother’s sacrifices ensured that the family never experienced the true hardship of those times. His dream began to take shape when he had the privilege of seeing his idol, Quaid-e-Azam, up close. The impact of that encounter was profound, and it marked the beginning of a remarkable journey.


A Viral Moment of Inspiration

Air Commodore Sajjad Haider’s recent viral video, where he halted a situation that could have escalated, has captured the attention of the nation. His calm and resolute demeanor in the face of a challenging moment has resonated with people across Pakistan. It’s a testament to his character and values, which have been shaped by a life filled with diverse experiences and unwavering principles.