Who Is Aquaman Married To In Aquaman 2? Does Aquaman 2 Have A Baby?



 Aquaman’s Return with a Family

In the much-awaited sequel, “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” fans can’t stop talking about the personal life of their favorite underwater hero, Aquaman. Unlike the first movie, which focused on Arthur Curry’s journey to becoming Aquaman and his budding romance with Mera, the second installment promises to reveal more about his character’s personal life.


The Big Reveal in the Trailer

On September 14, 2023, Warner Bros. unveiled the trailer for “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” sparking excitement among movie enthusiasts. The trailer gave us a glimpse into Arthur Curry’s (Jason Momoa) life, and there was something truly special – a child. It was revealed that Arthur Curry had tied the knot with Mera (Amber Heard), and the two had become parents to a son known as Aquababy, or Arthur Curry Jr.


 Meet Aquababy – The Aquaman’s Son

Aquababy, also called Arthur Jr., is the offspring of Aquaman and Mera. In the comic books, Arthur Jr. was introduced in 1965, adding a new layer to Aquaman’s character as a father and ruler. If you’re familiar with the comics, you’d know that Arthur Curry Jr. plays a crucial role in the Aquaman story.


Extraordinary Powers of Aquababy

Born to a human father and an Atlantean mother, Aquababy possesses a unique blend of powers from both worlds. He can communicate with marine life, swim at incredible speeds, and withstand the intense pressures of the ocean depths. These abilities set him apart from regular humans and highlight his Atlantean heritage.


 Tragic Tale of Aquababy

In the comics, Arthur Curry Jr. takes on various roles. He starts as a beloved son but becomes a symbol of hope for the future of Atlantis. However, his story takes a tragic turn. Sadly, in “Adventure Comics” #452 in 1977, Aquababy met a heart-wrenching fate during a battle.


Aquababy’s Enduring Legacy

Despite his brief presence in the comics, Arthur Curry Jr. remains a significant and memorable character in the Aquaman mythos. In the trailer, we see a similar series of events unfold, with Aquaman caring for his newborn in a cottage. But the full story will only be revealed when the movie hits theaters.


Aquaman’s New Life

The new trailer for “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” dropped on September 14, 2023, and it brought with it a heartwarming surprise – Aquaman is now a father.


Aquaman’s Transition to Fatherhood

In the trailer, Aquaman (Jason Momoa) shares, “Four years ago, I was basically unemployed, a wanderer with no home, but now, I’m a husband and father, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” It’s revealed that four years have passed since the events of the first movie, and Aquaman and Mera (Amber Heard) tied the knot after a climactic battle.


Aquaman’s Domestic Life

The sequel shows a different side of Aquaman as he goes about his daily routines in the house he shares with his baby boy. This new addition to the Aquaman story has been met with enthusiasm by fans.


 Mixed Reactions

Of course, with any big reveal, there are mixed reactions on the internet. While many fans are excited about the introduction of the child, others are voicing concerns about Amber Heard’s involvement in the film, given recent controversies.


Controversy Surrounding Amber Heard

Some fans have expressed their reservations, with comments like, “Pay to watch a movie that has an abuser and charity fraud in it? No thanks.” It’s clear that Amber Heard’s presence in the film has stirred up some controversy, but the rest of the cast continues to receive praise for their performances.



“Aquaman 2” promises to be an exciting continuation of the Aquaman saga, delving into the hero’s personal life and introducing a new character in the form of Aquababy. Fans eagerly await the film’s release to see how this new family dynamic will play out on the big screen.