Who is Bill Luby?



Ramona Singer, the well-known star of the Real Housewives of New York City, has sparked quite the buzz with her newfound love interest. Reports suggest that she’s now in a relationship with a financial guru named William Bill Luby, hailing from New Jersey. While rumors of their romance have circulated, both Ramona and Bill have remained tight-lipped about their relationship. Let’s delve into the details and discover more about Bill Luby.


The Mystery Man

Bill Luby is a 63-year-old financier residing in New Jersey. He serves as the CEO of Seaport Capital, a finance company. His impressive resume and lavish lifestyle, including a $1.9 million home, have piqued curiosity about his connection with Ramona Singer. Notably, Bill was previously married to lawyer Eileen O. Hern Luby, but they have since divorced.


A Year of Love

Rumors suggest that Ramona and Bill celebrated their one-year anniversary on Labor Day. Sources close to the couple report that their relationship is thriving. Their love story began at a Labor Day weekend party, but Bill, amidst a costly divorce, initially preferred to keep their affair under wraps. However, as time passed, their bond deepened, and whispers of marriage have begun to circulate.


Chance Encounters

Their romance took root at Eugenia Bullock’s 25th birthday bash in July, where they were spotted together. Fate continued to bring them together, as they crossed paths again at the Amy and Gary Green’s Footprint of Life Gala in Bridgehampton in August. Even Ramona’s ex-husband, Mario Singer, has weighed in, describing her relationship with Bill as passionate and intense.


A Family Affair

Mario Singer revealed that he plans to meet Ramona’s new beau over dinner soon. In addition to this, both Mario and Ramona are celebrating their daughter Avery’s new business venture. On the other hand, Bill Luby also has an ex-wife, Eileen O. Hern, with whom he shared a 30-year marriage before they decided to go their separate ways. Interestingly, during their marriage, Bill held the position of Vice President at the Chase Manhattan group.



As Ramona Singer’s love life continues to captivate our attention, Bill Luby remains a fascinating figure in the background. Their journey from a discreet romance to a potential marriage has been a topic of intrigue among fans. With both of their colorful pasts and promising futures, this duo is undoubtedly one to watch. Stay tuned for more updates on this budding romance.