Who Is Carter Gordon’s Girlfriend?



In this article, we’re delving into the intriguing world of Abbey Lewis, the girlfriend of rugby sensation Carter Gordon. While the internet is abuzz with curiosity about Abbey Lewis, her connection with Carter Gordon, and their relationship timeline, we’re here to bring you all the juicy details in simple English.


Carter Gordon: The Rising Rugby Star

Carter Gordon, born on January 29, 2001, quickly made a name for himself in the Australian rugby union scene. His remarkable skills as a fly-half have greatly benefited his current Super Rugby team, the Melbourne Rebels. But his journey to stardom took a significant turn in 2020 when he signed with the Queensland Reds, marking the beginning of his professional rugby career. In 2021, he made a pivotal decision to move to Melbourne and join the Rebels. It was during this meteoric rise that Carter Gordon’s girlfriend, Abbey Lewis, unintentionally found herself in the spotlight.


Abbey Lewis: A Woman of Mystery

While Abbey Lewis may not be a household name, her connection with Gordon has piqued the curiosity of many. With over 5,800 followers on Instagram, Carter Gordon has amassed a substantial fan base. He regularly shares glimpses of his life as a professional athlete on social media, giving fans a front-row seat to his rugby journey. However, it was in August 2023 that Abbey Lewis first made headlines. Wallaroos players raised concerns about the treatment of Wallabies’ WAGs (wives and girlfriends) by Rugby Australia, and a screenshot from rugby.com.au featuring a video with Abbey Lewis added fuel to the fire.


Abbey Lewis: The Enigmatic Partner

Unlike some high-profile athletes’ partners, Abbey Lewis seems to cherish her privacy. She has consciously chosen to stay away from the media glare, leaving fans and onlookers intrigued. While Carter Gordon continues to carve out a promising career as the Melbourne Rebels’ exceptional fly-half, details about his relationship with Abbey Lewis remain shrouded in mystery. Despite the relentless media attention surrounding their relationship, very little is known about this enigmatic figure.


Carter Gordon’s Instagram Presence

It’s worth noting that Carter Gordon maintains an active presence on Instagram, where he engages with his 5,800+ followers. Through his social media posts, he offers a unique window into his rugby career and personal life. However, when it comes to his relationship with Abbey Lewis, Gordon has remained tight-lipped. This secrecy has only fueled further speculation about their bond.



In the world of sports, relationships often captivate fans and the public alike. Carter Gordon and Abbey Lewis are no exception. While Gordon’s rugby prowess has earned him fame on the field, the mystery surrounding his relationship with Lewis has sparked curiosity off the field. As they both continue their respective journeys, one thing remains certain – the world will be watching closely for any hints or glimpses into the private life of this rugby power couple. Stay tuned for more updates on Carter Gordon and Abbey Lewis as they navigate the exciting world of rugby and love.