Who Is Drake’s Son? Get Details About Drake’s Child, Adonis



Drake, the renowned rapper, is not just a music icon but also a proud father. His son, Adonis, has recently been making waves across the internet with adorable pictures of the father-son duo. If you’re curious to know more about this cute little boy, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the details about Drake’s son, Adonis. So, keep reading for the heartwarming scoop.


The Young Star: Adonis

Drake’s beloved son goes by the name Adonis, and he’s 5 years old. Adonis came into the world through the loving union of Drake and Sophie Brussaux. Sophie, a talented French artist, initially kept her pregnancy journey private. However, she later confirmed the impending arrival of their bundle of joy. Drake has openly embraced fatherhood and even shared a touching sentiment, stating that he wasn’t keeping the kid hidden from the world; rather, he was shielding the world from his kid.


A Journey to Parenthood

During the period when Sophie was expecting, Drake expressed his excitement about becoming a father during an HBO appearance. He emphasized that both he and Sophie shared equal responsibility for their child’s upbringing. Adonis made his grand entrance into the world in 2017, but the couple chose to keep his images away from the public eye until 2020. Their decision stemmed from a desire to protect their child from the media spotlight and controversies. The proud parents celebrated Adonis’s birthday in October 2022 and are thrilled to witness their son’s growth and development.


Language Lessons with Dad

At just 4 years old, Adonis is already bilingual, thanks to his mother, Sophie, who hails from a French background. Sophie played a pivotal role in teaching her son the French language. Drake can often be seen engaging in heartwarming French lessons with his son. He repeats words after Adonis, creating cherished memories between father and son. Besides language lessons, the duo shares a love for basketball.


Bonding Over Basketball

Drake’s passion for basketball has been a part of his life since childhood. He and Adonis share this love for the sport and have attended numerous Toronto Raptors games together. A notable moment was their attendance at a Toronto Raptors game on December 7, 2022. Both donned matching outfits, radiating smiles as they cheered for their favorite team. Their shared interest in basketball extends beyond the stands, with both father and son displaying their basketball skills.


Adonis: The Young Artist

Adonis is not only a basketball enthusiast but also a budding artist. He shares his artwork on the social media profiles of both Sophie and Drake. This young talent enjoys painting, showcasing his artistic flair at such a tender age. Adonis’s presence on social media platforms adds a delightful touch to his parents’ profiles, further endearing him to fans and followers.


In the Media Limelight

The heartwarming bond between Drake and Adonis has captured the attention of the media and fans alike. Their shared moments are frequently shared on social media, offering glimpses into their cherished father-son relationship. Adonis’s interests and talents continue to unfold, making him a young star in his own right.



Adonis, Drake’s adorable 5-year-old son, brings joy and warmth to his father’s life. Their special bond, shared hobbies, and loving interactions have earned them a place in the hearts of many. As this young artist and basketball enthusiast continues to grow, fans can look forward to more heartwarming moments and glimpses into the world of Adonis. Stay tuned for further updates about your favorite celebrities and their loved ones.