Who is Dubai Bling star Kris Fade’s first wife?



Kris Fade, the beloved Australian radio presenter, made his mark on the Dubai scene alongside his partner Brianna in the hit series “Dubai Bling.” However, before his journey with Brianna, Kris had another chapter in his life.


The Rise of Kris Fade:

Born in Lebanon in 1980, Kris’s upbringing was in Sydney, Australia. His initial plan was to stay in Dubai for just a couple of years, but destiny had other plans. Kris established himself with “The Kris Fade Show,” becoming one of Dubai’s top radio hosts, thanks to his charming accent and lively persona.

Apart from radio, Kris is the founder of FadeFit, a brand dedicated to wholesome snacks and vitamins. Interestingly, it was through FadeFit that Kris crossed paths with Zeina, a fellow cast member who reached out to him with admiration for his snacks.


Unveiling Kris Fade’s First Marriage:

“Dubai Bling” doesn’t shy away from Kris’s past. In the inaugural episode, Brianna candidly shares that navigating Kris’s divorce and his role as a father to Zahra, 12, and Ariani, 10, wasn’t always simple. Nevertheless, love prevailed, and she fell deeply for him.

Kris’s first marriage was to Marianne Argy, the mother of his two children. Today, Zahra and Ariani continue to be cherished parts of Kris’s life, and he’s not alone in this journey. Marianne has also found love anew and presently calls Dubai her home.


A Glimpse into Kris Fade’s Current Love Story:

Kris’s heart found its way to Mexican-American Brianna. The series unveils that their initial connection sparked through social media. This love story culminated in a beautiful wedding ceremony held in March, marking eight years of togetherness.

Their extravagant wedding was graced by their fellow “Dubai Bling” cast members, a testament to the strong bonds forged within the show. Brianna also holds a significant role as the brand manager of FadeFit, a venture they ventured into together. As the saying goes, couples who work together, thrive together!

Kris Fade’s journey from Australia to Dubai, from past to present, weaves a tale of love, growth, and new beginnings. “Dubai Bling” not only showcases the opulent lifestyles but also the authentic stories that lie beneath the surface.