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Zach Bryan, the talented folk-country artist who recently celebrated the success of his self-titled album, found himself in the midst of controversy. The singer was arrested in Oklahoma on charges of “obstruction of investigation,” sparking curiosity among his fans and the public alike. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the incident and what Zach Bryan had to say after being released from jail.


Zach Bryan’s Arrest

Zach Bryan’s encounter with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol took a wrong turn, resulting in his arrest. The incident occurred when Bryan was pulled over for speeding in Oklahoma. Emotions ran high during this encounter, leading to a heated verbal altercation with an officer.


What Led to the Altercation

Bryan, in a nearly five-minute video posted on social media, provided his perspective on what transpired. He admitted to being in a less-than-ideal state, with his dog Jack in the car and an excessive intake of Red Bull. Bryan recognized his inappropriate behavior during the incident and expressed regret for it.


Taking Responsibility

In his video, Bryan made it clear that he was not trying to portray himself as the good guy. He acknowledged his disrespectful behavior towards the police officers and vowed to make amends for his actions. This level of accountability is a step towards understanding and rectifying his mistake.


The Police Report

According to the police report, Bryan’s private security was traveling in an SUV while he was driving a pickup truck. The SUV was pulled over for allegedly speeding in Craig County, prompting Bryan to pull up alongside it. Trooper Ben Bertram, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer, confronted Bryan and asked him to return to his truck, stating that he was interfering with police duties.


Zach Bryan’s Response

In response to Trooper Bertram’s directive, Zach Bryan opted to go to jail rather than complying. This decision further escalated the situation and led to his arrest on charges of obstruction of investigation.


Zach Bryan’s Apology

After the incident, Bryan extended an apology for his actions. He explained that he supports law enforcement but let his emotions get the best of him on that particular day. This sincere apology demonstrates his willingness to learn from his mistakes.


Zach Bryan’s Release

Fortunately, Zach Bryan did not spend an extended period behind bars. He was released on bond after spending a few hours at the Craig County jail. Before leaving, he shook hands with the officer involved in his arrest, a gesture that suggests he bears no ill will.



In the wake of this incident, it’s important to remember that celebrities are not exempt from making mistakes. Zach Bryan’s arrest was the result of a heated moment, and he has taken responsibility for his actions. As fans and the public, it’s essential to reflect on whether fame should shield celebrities from the consequences of their actions and whether Bryan’s apology should be accepted as a step towards making amends.