Who Is Fundiswa Mathithibala? Meet Thembinkosi Lorch Ex-Girlfriend



In this article, we dive into the recent headlines featuring Thembinkosi Lorch, a football star for Orlando Pirates, who has been making waves on the internet. His ex-girlfriend, Fundiswa Mathithibala, recently reacted to winning an assault case against him, leaving many curious about the details of the case. We’ve conducted extensive research to bring you all the essential information on this matter. So, read on to get the full scoop.


Getting to Know Fundiswa Mathithibala

Fundiswa Nokuphiwa Mathithibala came into the spotlight when Thembinkosi Lorch, a prominent figure in Orlando Pirates and husband to Blood and Water actress Natasha Thahane, was found guilty of abusing her in 2020. This high-profile case led to Lorch’s appearance in court on Tuesday, June 6, with the sentencing scheduled for Wednesday, July 23.

The relationship between the football star and Mathithibala became a topic of public interest in September 2020 when the Sunday World reported that Lorch had been arrested for allegedly abusing her. It’s worth noting that the assault complaint against Lorch was provisionally withdrawn at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court in 2021, according to insider sources.


The Disconcerting Incident

According to Mathithibala’s account, the Bafana Bafana player left her stranded at his house during her visit, with plans to go out with his friend. As the evening progressed, Mathithibala messaged Lorch, requesting her car keys. Upon their return, a heated argument ensued, escalating into a physical altercation. Lorch allegedly assaulted and strangled her, causing her distress.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) reported that Lorch’s response to Mathithibala’s plea for help was inadequate. However, a statement from the NPA revealed that someone else intervened to rescue her from the assault.


Legal Perspective

Phindi Mjonondwane, the NPA spokeswoman in Gauteng, stated that the state prosecutor, Michele Hart, presented arguments in court that aligned with the complainant’s testimony. Medical findings supported the victim’s account, and the absence of injuries on the accused indicated that he was the aggressor in the altercation.

During the court proceedings, both the accused and his witness made an unconvincing impression and appeared unreliable as witnesses. This further reinforced the prosecution’s case against Lorch.


Mathithibala’s Response

In the wake of these legal developments, Fundiswa Mathithibala took to Instagram to share her gratitude for the support she had received. She posted photos of herself outside the courthouse and conveyed a message emphasizing the resilience and strength that individuals, regardless of their rural upbringing, possess. She highlighted that one’s place of origin does not define their wisdom, insight, or fortitude, bestowed by God and passed down through generations.


Wrapping It Up

The Thembinkosi Lorch assault case has captured the attention of the public, with the recent victory in court by Fundiswa Mathithibala adding to the intrigue. This article aimed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the case, shedding light on the legal proceedings and Mathithibala’s response to the verdict. For more updates on such stories