Who Is Jackie La Bonita Why Is She Trending On TikTok



The internet always has something new brewing, and this time, it’s all about Jackie La Bonita, a TikTok sensation. If you’re not familiar with her yet, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Let’s delve into the world of Jackie La Bonita and uncover the story that’s got everyone talking.


Who is Jackie La Bonita?

Jackie La Bonita is a popular content creator who regularly shares her videos on TikTok. She’s gained quite the following, with 248.6k fans on the platform and over 12.4 million likes on her videos. You can also find her on Instagram, where she describes herself as a “silly Scorpio in Texas” and a “video creator.”

Jackie has a passion for makeup and fashion, often treating her followers to shopping haul videos from stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. She’s even collaborated with makeup brands like Urban Decay and BaBylissPRO, sharing her styling secrets on TikTok and Instagram.


The Incident: So, what put Jackie in the spotlight?

It all started during a Houston Astros baseball game. While she was taking pictures of herself, two girls began mocking her, calling her “lame” and sticking their tongues out in her direction. Jackie decided to share her experience on TikTok, and her video quickly garnered over 17 million views.

The incident left Jackie feeling hurt, but it also led to an outpouring of support from her followers. However, things took an unexpected turn from here.

The Doxxing Debacle: As often happens on social media, things escalated quickly. The two girls from the video were identified and exposed on various platforms, which resulted in backlash for their employer, Limestone Commercial Real Estate. Negative reviews flooded Google in response to the incident.

While the video received widespread condemnation, the revelation of the girls’ identities sparked a debate. Some questioned whether the backlash went too far, pondering whether it was worth potentially ruining their lives over this incident.

Cardi B Weighs In: Cardi B, the renowned music artist known for her outspoken nature, joined the conversation. She shared Jackie’s video on Twitter and expressed her support for Jackie while condemning the bullies. This prompted Cardi B’s fans to rally behind Jackie and denounce the actions of the bullies.

The incident has ignited discussions about online bullying and the need to protect vulnerable individuals on the internet. Simultaneously, many have argued that doxxing, which involves sharing personal information online, is wrong and shouldn’t be used as a form of vigilante justice.


The Latest Update:

As of now, the two girls involved in the incident have remained silent on the matter. However, a TikTok user named @Stephano_Z, allegedly one of the bully girls’ ex-boyfriend, posted a video defending them and claiming that they don’t work for the company that faced negative reviews on Google.


Is Doxxing Ever Acceptable?

It’s crucial to emphasize that doxxing, the act of publicly sharing someone’s personal information online, is never an acceptable response, no matter the circumstances. Even if someone has done something wrong, it’s vital to remember their humanity and feelings.

While seeking justice is natural, it’s essential to do so in a way that doesn’t harm others. Going viral can have severe consequences, and we should think carefully before taking actions, especially on social media.

In today’s digital age, bullies often hide behind online anonymity. However, we must recognize that our actions, even in the virtual world, have real-world consequences. The impact of our words and actions can extend far beyond the confines of a computer screen.



In the world of TikTok, Jackie La Bonita’s story has become a trending topic, shedding light on the importance of kindness and empathy online. While we may encounter controversies regularly on the internet, it’s crucial to remember that our actions and words carry weight, and they can either spread positivity or negativity.

Let’s strive to spread love, support, and understanding, and let’s keep the drama to a minimum. Until next time, stay sassy and remember the power of compassion in our digital interactions!