Who Is Jackson Hinkle Wife? Is Jackson Hinkle Married To Girlfriend Anna Linnikova?



People around the world have been curious about the personal life of Jackson Hinkle, the renowned political pundit and rising American actor. With a massive following on his YouTube channels and appearances in movies and TV shows like “Concrete Jungle” and “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Jackson Hinkle has made quite a name for himself. In this article, we will explore his relationship status and delve into some unique insights about this prominent figure.


Jackson Hinkle’s Early Career:

In 2019, Jackson Hinkle kick-started his acting career with a small role in the movie “Concrete Jungle.” In 2022, he made a guest appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” a show known for its conservative political debates. However, he is most recognized as the host of “The Dive with Jackson Hinkle” and for his role as a political analyst. His YouTube career and show “Jackson at the Dive” marked the beginning of his journey into the public eye. The show’s slogan, “Propaganda made by and for the proletariat,” reflects his populist political stance.


The Mystery of Jackson Hinkle’s Wife:

One burning question on everyone’s mind is, “Who is Jackson Hinkle’s wife?” Well, the truth is, Jackson Hinkle is currently not married and is not in a relationship with anyone, according to our research. Despite his popularity and rising fame, he has remained single.


Rumors About Anna Linnikova:

However, there have been some rumors swirling around. A blog post by Amanda Moore, a right-wing figures researcher, conservative commentator, and known as the “most censored man on YouTube,” suggested that Jackson Hinkle might be dating Anna Linnikova, the 2022 Miss Russia. Moore’s essay gained attention in 2021 due to her deep involvement in the MAGA environment. She claimed that Hinkle and Linnikova were romantically involved.


Hinkle’s Stance on Russia and Ukraine:

Recently, Jackson Hinkle has been making headlines for his outspoken views on Ukraine and Russia. He delivered a speech at a Pro-Russian protest called “Rage Against The War Machine,” where he criticized American support for Ukraine. This stance has attracted both support and criticism from various quarters.


Jackson’s Political Journey:

Jackson Hinkle’s journey into politics began on his YouTube channel. Despite his youth, he has a remarkable understanding of political issues. He engages in discussions on various topics, including highly debated issues like Syria, Russia, and Ukraine. In 2019, he decided to enter the San Clemente City Council election, focusing on improving public transportation, addressing homelessness, and advocating for sustainable development.



In conclusion, Jackson Hinkle, the rising star of YouTube and the political arena, is currently not married and has managed to keep his personal life private. While rumors about his relationship with Anna Linnikova persist, he remains a prominent figure known for his populist political stance and dedication to addressing critical issues. As he continues to gain a loyal following, his future in both politics and entertainment is one to watch closely.