Who is Jaclin Owen from Naked And Afraid? She was incarcerated for 60 Days In



In the latest episode of Naked And Afraid, Jaclin Owen steps into the wilderness of Southern Africa’s Kalahari Desert alongside fellow adventurer Michael Angulo. But if Jaclin looks familiar, it might be from her time behind bars in 60 Days In.


Jaclin’s Unconventional Path

Hailing from Hobart, Indiana, Jaclin is a paralegal and a graduate in public and environmental affairs from Indiana University Northwest. She even cheered for her university. Before facing lions and rhinos on Naked And Afraid, she played a role in A&E’s 60 Days In, going undercover in Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail to uncover hidden truths.


Brave Journey in the Justice System

On 60 Days In, Jaclin delved into the complexities of the justice system within the prison world. While the experience was demanding for this “strong-minded yet shy” Midwesterner, it served as a stepping stone to her next adventure, Naked And Afraid.


A Mother’s Strength

In addition to her bold exploits, Jaclin is a devoted mother. She cherishes her two children, Giovanni Rosaschi and Gemma Rosaschi. Her life journey has included both triumphs and heartaches, as seen in a Dr. Phil episode where she and her boyfriend, Justin, shared the heartbreaking story of their first daughter, Madalin.