Who is Jolene from Bad Chad Customs Age, Instagram and more



Who is Jolene MacIntyre?

Jolene MacIntyre is a key member of the Bad Chad Customs team, and she’s also Chad Hiltz’s fiancée. They both run Hiltz Auto Company, where they work their magic on cars. Jolene’s journey into the world of custom car building began after she graduated from Saint Mary’s University with a Bachelor of Commerce. She joined forces with Chad, bringing her expertise to the business side of things and managing their social media.

Jolene shared, “I spent a year investing my time in self-promoting what Chad does here. When Chad started building me a replica of the $40 million dollar Bugatti that Ralph Lauren owns, I wanted the world to see how remarkable it was.” Their love story seems to have started around 2016, and since then, they’ve been inseparable.


Where is Bad Chad Customs Filmed?

The action on Bad Chad Customs unfolds at Hiltz Auto Company, which is based in Nova Scotia, Canada. This unique setting provides the backdrop for Chad and his team’s incredible car creations.


Jolene MacIntyre’s Age

As of now, Jolene MacIntyre is 31 years old. Back in February 2019, she was 29 years old, and we can pinpoint her 30th birthday to June 2019 based on her Instagram posts. It’s incredible how time flies, and Jolene continues to shine as a vital part of the Bad Chad Customs story.


Connect with Jolene on Instagram

If you want to see more of Jolene and her adventures with Bad Chad, you can follow her on Instagram. With her growing popularity on the show, it’s no surprise that Jolene has amassed quite a following. As of our last check, she has over 14,000 followers, and that number is steadily climbing.



Jolene MacIntyre is more than just a cast member on Bad Chad Customs; she’s a driving force behind the scenes. Her partnership with Chad Hiltz has yielded remarkable results, with their car creations capturing the hearts of many. As Jolene continues to share their journey on social media, fans can’t get enough of her posts and updates. At 31 years old, she’s already achieved so much, and we can’t wait to see what she and Chad will accomplish next in the world of custom car building. So, be sure to follow Jolene on Instagram to stay in the loop and witness the incredible work of this dynamic duo.