Who Is Kathy Vu? Arrested Over tampering evidence, suspect in the TC Jester slayings



In a world where murder cases continue to cast a dark shadow over communities, it is essential for citizens to play a role in assisting law enforcement. In a recent case that unfolded in January 2023, authorities are seeking the public’s help in apprehending two men linked to a Heights-area murder. This case not only involves a tragic loss of life but also raises concerns about potential drug-related elements. As we delve into the details of this case, let us remember the importance of community vigilance and safety.


Meet Kathy Vu

While the focus is on the two fugitive suspects, it’s crucial to introduce a key player in this case – Kathy Vu. This 23-year-old individual has come under the spotlight for her alleged involvement in tampering with evidence related to the TC Jester slayings. We will explore her role in the unfolding events shortly. For now, let’s proceed to understand the broader context of this case.


The Wanted Men: Polie Phan and Jaidan Vu Nguyen

Houston police are actively seeking the assistance of the public in locating two individuals believed to be connected to the Heights-area murder. The suspects in question are 26-year-old Polie Phan and 25-year-old Jaidan Vu Nguyen. They face serious charges of capital murder, stemming from a lethal shooting incident. Both individuals are currently on the run and have been declared fugitives by Houston law enforcement. It is of utmost importance that anyone with information about their whereabouts comes forward to aid in their apprehension.


The Unsettling Discovery

The tragic chain of events began on January 27, 2023, when HPD received a concerning call regarding a Toyota Prius running inside a garage in the 1700 block of West TC Jester at approximately 8:30 AM. Upon arrival at the scene, law enforcement made a grim discovery: the lifeless body of a woman identified as 35-year-old Dana Ryssdal. Compounding the distressing situation, Dana Ryssdal’s friend, 37-year-old James Martin III, was reported missing, along with a white Dodge Ram truck that belonged to Ryssdal. This development raised significant concerns about Martin’s whereabouts and safety.


A Troubling Turn of Events

Three days later, on January 30, 2023, the missing Dodge Ram truck was located in southeast Houston. However, there was still no sign of James Martin III. The situation took a tragic and sinister turn when, on February 1, 2023, Martin’s lifeless body was discovered in the trunk of the Prius at an HPD impound lot. Law enforcement officials revealed that Martin’s body showed signs of being bound with duct tape and bore wounds from multiple gunshot injuries. The circumstances surrounding his death were deeply unsettling.


Kathy Vu’s Role

Amidst these troubling developments, Kathy Vu came into focus. She was allegedly linked to the cleaning of the Heights-area home where the two men met their tragic end. Her involvement raised suspicions about potential tampering with evidence. Consequently, Kathy Vu, aged 23, faced charges of tampering with evidence.



As the investigation into the TC Jester slayings unfolds, the authorities continue to seek answers and justice for the victims. The fugitive suspects, Polie Phan and Jaidan Vu Nguyen, remain at large, and the public’s assistance is crucial in their capture. In the midst of this tragedy, Kathy Vu’s alleged role in tampering with evidence underscores the complexity of this case. In times of such distressing incidents, communities must come together, support law enforcement efforts, and remain vigilant for the safety of all. This case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of collective action in the pursuit of justice and the protection of our communities.