Who is Ken Goldin and what is the King of Collectibles star’s net worth?



The newest addition to Netflix, “King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch,” offers a captivating look into the world of auctions led by millionaire Ken Goldin.


The Quest for Extraordinary Finds:

Ken and his dedicated team invest their lives in the pursuit of rare and invaluable items and memorabilia. From prized trading cards to historic documents like Babe Ruth’s contract, these collectibles possess a significance that transcends their physical size.


The Enthusiastic Pursuit:

For Ken, the thrill of the chase is what fuels his passion. He finds joy in revealing to ordinary individuals that what they hold in their hands has the power to transform their lives forever.


Introducing the King of Collectibles: Ken Goldin:

At approximately 57 years old, Ken Goldin stands as a seasoned figure in the realm of collectibles. His journey began in 1978, when he ventured into the world of buying and selling cards.

Ken is the driving force behind Goldin Auctions, a powerhouse headquartered in New Jersey, which he proudly declares as the “world’s largest collectible marketplace.” In episode 1 of his Netflix show, Ken candidly shares that his motivation stems from a trinity of factors: competition, ego, and the pursuit of financial success.


From Toy Cars to Million-Dollar Ventures:

Ken’s fascination with collectibles traces back to his early years. At the tender age of 12, he traded his cherished toy cars for a collection of baseball cards, laying the foundation for what would become a multi-million dollar enterprise.


Rubbing Shoulders with Icons:

In “King of Collectibles,” Ken’s ventures take him to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he crosses paths with none other than the illustrious rapper Drake. Their initial encounter transpired at one of Ken’s auctions, forging a connection that would lead to Drake’s inaugural live box break, an event featured on the show.

Additionally, the Goldin Auctions founder shares moments with legends like Mike Tyson and internet personality Logan Paul, offering viewers a glimpse into the star-studded world of collectibles.


The Impressive Net Worth of Ken Goldin:

Given his dealings in high-value items, it’s no surprise that Ken boasts a substantial net worth. On his show, he reveals that his journey in this realm commenced at the tender age of 10.

During one revealing moment on “King of Collectibles,” a radio host marvels at Ken’s recent achievement, exclaiming, “Last month alone, you did a little over $40 million dollars, which is insanity.”

With appearances alongside Logan Paul, who inquires about his astounding net worth, Ken’s impact on the collectibles market is undeniable. The Goldin website further attests to his influence, stating that Ken has sold memorabilia exceeding a staggering $1.3 billion, sourced from some of the most prominent names in sports, history, and pop culture.

Ken Goldin’s journey exemplifies how a childhood hobby can evolve into an empire, redefining the landscape of collectibles in the process. “King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch” offers a front-row seat to this extraordinary narrative.