Who Is Lydia ko husband, Jun Chung?



Lydia Ko, the extraordinary golfer from New Zealand, has been making waves in the world of golf. Last year, she achieved a remarkable feat by winning numerous tournaments and championships, including the prestigious LPGA Player of the Year Award. Following her exceptional performance, she also reclaimed her position as the world’s number 1 golfer, a title she hadn’t held for five years. Currently, Lydia Ko is only 2 points away from being inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame club. While Lydia Ko’s professional achievements have kept her in the spotlight, her personal life has also piqued the interest of many. People are eager to know about Lydia Ko’s husband, and in the sections below, we will provide some intriguing details about the couple.


Lydia Ko’s Personal Life

Amidst her numerous professional milestones, Lydia Ko’s personal life appears to be running smoothly alongside her husband, Jun Chung. The couple had been in a relationship for an extended period before taking the big step and tying the knot on December 30th. Their wedding ceremony took place at the Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul, South Korea. But who exactly is Jun Chung? Let’s delve into the details and get to know Lydia Ko’s husband.


Jun Chung: A Multi-Talented Professional

Since February 2023, Jun Chung has been serving as an Open Innovation Associate for Hyundai Cradle. Prior to joining Hyundai, he had a diverse career that included roles in UX design, business development, app development, data science, and strategy. He even worked as a research analyst and served as a sergeant in the Republic of Korea Air Force. Jun Chung’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Claremont McKenna College. In 2019, he earned certification as a UX designer from the Nielson Norman Group. Jun Chung’s career trajectory reflects a wide range of skills and experiences.


Family Ties and Speculations

Reports from the Korean Herald suggest that Lydia Ko’s husband, Jun Chung, is the son of Hyundai Card’s Vice-chairman, Chung Tae-young. While there have been speculations about who proposed to whom, the couple has not officially addressed these rumors. During a press conference, Lydia Ko shared that she first met Jun Chung in 2021. Reflecting on their engagement, she humorously said, “I first met him (Jun Chung). It was just before my win in Hawaii. I was like, why is it that the guy has got to propose? I did it very golf-like. I wrote on golf balls, ‘Will you marry me’?”

In conclusion, Lydia Ko’s husband, Jun Chung, is a multi-talented professional with a diverse background in various fields. Their love story may have had its unique twists and turns, but it’s evident that they make a wonderful couple. As Lydia Ko continues to shine in her golfing career, her fans will undoubtedly continue to support her personal journey as well.