Who Is Marvel’s Blue Hulk


Marvel Comics is home to a plethora of iconic superheroes, and one of the most beloved characters is the Hulk. You probably know the big green guy, but did you know that there’s also a Blue Hulk? In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Marvel’s Blue Hulk, a cosmic-powered version of the character that made a brief but memorable appearance in the comics.


The Origins of Hulk

The creation of the Hulk traces its roots back to the inspiration of classic Gothic literature, particularly Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the legendary creators behind Marvel, brought the Hulk to life in “The Incredible Hulk #1” during the Silver Age of Comics. Initially, the Hulk was depicted as a grey-skinned behemoth but later became green due to ink problems. Over the years, the Hulk has become an integral part of the Avengers and gained immense popularity, especially with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Introducing the Blue Hulk

The Blue Hulk, a unique iteration of the character, was introduced by Jay Faerber and Carlos Magno in the “Captain Universe: Incredible Hulk” comics of 2006. This version of the Hulk is considered one of the strongest manifestations of Marvel’s Captain Universe.


Two Versions of the Blue Hulk

It’s important to note that there are two versions of the Blue Hulk. The first is Rick Jones, who briefly transformed into a blue-colored creature resembling the Hulk but lacked the same power and appearance. This creature was known as A-Bomb and resembled the Hulk’s nemesis, Abomination.

The second version is Bruce Banner’s Uni-Powered Blue Hulk, which appeared in the “Captain Universe: Incredible Hulk” comic in 2006. This cosmic force, known as the Uni-Power, chose Banner as its temporary host, leading to his transformation into the Blue Hulk.


The Real Name of Blue Hulk

The Uni-Power selected Dr. Bruce Banner as its host, making the Blue Hulk none other than Banner himself. In the Marvel Comics universe, the host of the Uni-Power becomes the cosmic entity called Captain Universe. After departing from Banner, the Uni-Power went on to choose other hosts, including Daredevil and Captain America.


Why Did Hulk Turn Blue?

The Blue Hulk’s appearance was brief and significant. The transformation occurred when the Uni-Power decided to study the Hulk’s powers to understand its own power loss. Banner, in an attempt to isolate himself, found himself in a dire situation, trapped in a bear trap. To free himself, he transformed into the Hulk, and in that moment, the Uni-Power merged with him and remained dormant.

After a brief conversation with Banner, the cosmic force pledged to keep the Hulk under control until they could locate a specific scientist, Doctor Gilbert Wiles, who was a former host of the Uni-Power. Doctor Wiles had gained incredible abilities through the Uni-Power but was working for the villainous organization A.I.M. The Uni-Power needed Banner’s help to stop A.I.M.’s nefarious plans.

At the A.I.M. facility, Banner was attacked by robots and nearly defeated. Doctor Wiles intervened, boosting the Uni-Power’s capacity within the Hulk, resulting in the Blue Hulk’s emergence. This cosmic-powered Hulk easily dispatched the robots and saved the day.


Blue Hulk’s Powers

While there’s limited information about the extent of the Blue Hulk’s powers due to his brief appearance, it’s safe to assume that he possessed tremendous abilities. The Uni-Power, which is the source of his power, is known as Captain Universe and can grant immeasurable power to protect the universe’s balance.


How Strong Is Blue Hulk?

Comparing the Blue Hulk’s strength to other characters, we find that he is exceptionally powerful. When the Uni-Power and the Hulk joined forces, they could take on formidable opponents like Sentry, Hyperion, Captain Marvel, and even Adam Warlock without the Infinity Stones. The Blue Hulk surpasses other versions of the Hulk, such as World War Hulk and Maestro, in terms of power.



In the Marvel Comics universe, the Blue Hulk represents a unique and incredibly powerful incarnation of the iconic character. While his appearance was short-lived, it showcased the potential for Hulk to become a cosmic-level superhero when merged with the Uni-Power. The Blue Hulk’s strength and abilities make him a formidable force in the Marvel universe, and fans can only imagine what could have been if his story had been further explored.