Who Is Microsoft’s Anime Girl? Know All About Her



Anime has an immense influence worldwide, captivating both Eastern and Western audiences. Shows like Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan have shattered records and gathered devoted fan bases. Amidst this anime frenzy, Microsoft has a unique character that’s been with them for quite a while, and it’s not your typical computer icon. Let’s delve into the world of Microsoft’s anime girl and discover her story.


The Birth of Inori Aizawa

In 2013, the world of web browsers took an interesting turn. Safari, Firefox, and Chrome introduced image mascots to engage users. Collateral Damage Studios, a creative team, took the bold step of approaching Microsoft with a proposal. They suggested creating a mascot for Microsoft’s web browsers. To their surprise, Microsoft Asia didn’t just listen; they brought this idea to life. Thus, Inori Aizawa, the iconic Microsoft anime girl, was born.


A Mascot with a Purpose

But what was the purpose behind this character’s creation? Collateral Damage Studios had a vision. They wanted Inori Aizawa to symbolize “redemption.” They crafted her as a clumsy and nerdy girl, someone relatable who had room to grow. The goal was clear: improve the user experience compared to the earlier versions of Internet Explorer, which had faced criticism. Inori even introduced herself on a Facebook Page when she first gained popularity. She said, “My name is Inori, and you can think of me as a personification of Internet Explorer.”


The Ancestry of Microsoft’s Anime Mascots

Before Inori Aizawa became the face of Microsoft’s anime world, there were a few other anime girl mascots in the family. Let’s take a quick look at them:

  1. Nanami Madobe: This anime girl represented Microsoft Japan’s official mascot for Windows 7.
  2. Claudia Madobe: Designed to assist developers with Microsoft’s cloud platform, Claudia played a unique role in the company’s ecosystem.
  3. Hikaru Aizawa: Microsoft Taiwan turned to Hikaru to promote Silverlight in various instances, showcasing the versatility of anime mascots.
  4. Madobe Yu and Madobe AI: After the release of Windows 8, these characters emerged along with related merchandise.

Despite their efforts to woo anime fans, none of these characters achieved the level of fame that Inori Aizawa did.


The Changing Times

Inori Aizawa had her moment in the spotlight as the mascot for Internet Explorer. However, times change, and technology evolves. Internet Explorer, known for its slow speed, lost its relevance. As a result, Inori is no longer in the role of promoting web browsers.

Yet, you can still find posts on various social media platforms, like X (formerly known as Twitter) and Instagram, where fans reminisce about this endearing character. She holds a special place in the hearts of those who remember her as the best anime mascot.



Inori Aizawa, Microsoft’s anime girl, is a unique character born out of a desire to redeem Internet Explorer’s reputation. While her days as a web browser mascot are over, her legacy lives on in the hearts of fans who appreciate her endearing personality and relatable qualities. In a world where technology and anime intersect, Inori Aizawa remains a beloved symbol of Microsoft’s anime journey.