Who Is Miles Routledge? British men detained by Taliban in Afghanistan



In a concerning turn of events, British Youtuber Miles Routledge, known for his daring travels to risky locations, has been apprehended by the Taliban in Kabul, Afghanistan. This isn’t the first time Routledge has visited this challenging region, as he drew criticism for a prior trip in August 2021. Now, with his recent capture, many questions arise. In this article, we delve into the facts to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the situation.


Who is Miles Routledge?

Miles Routledge, a 21-year-old British adventurer from Birmingham, is renowned for his Youtube channel under the name “Lord Miles.” With over 140,000 Twitter followers, he has gained a reputation for venturing into some of the world’s most perilous places. His self-proclaimed title as a “danger tourist” reflects his willingness to explore locations that many would deem too hazardous. This recent incident in Kabul further underscores his penchant for high-risk adventures.


The Captives

Accompanying Miles Routledge were two Polish men, Adrian Wojcki and Roman Bilski, when they were detained. Among the detainees, Kevin Cornwell, a 53-year-old charity medic, and an unidentified man who manages a hotel in Kabul were also captured. Reports suggest that these individuals have been in Taliban custody since January, each arrested under different circumstances.


The Arrest

Miles Routledge’s detention by the Taliban occurred on March 2. This incident, involving the British Youtuber and his Polish associates, was confirmed by a Taliban security officer. The trio is currently undergoing extensive questioning and investigation, with authorities citing their involvement in activities deemed suspicious. They are being held in the Taliban’s counterintelligence department in Kabul.



The arrest of Miles Routledge and the other individuals in Kabul has sparked concern and garnered significant attention. It highlights the risks associated with venturing into volatile regions. As the situation unfolds, we will continue to monitor for any updates. Our thoughts are with Miles Routledge, his companions, and their families during this trying time. Stay tuned for further developments on this evolving story.