Who Is Mustafizur Rahman? Assam Youtuber Arrested For Using Minors In Videos



A wave of shock and curiosity has swept through the internet community upon learning about the arrest of Mustafizur Rahman, a prominent Assam Youtuber. The arrest of this well-known figure on February 28, 2023, has left netizens searching for answers about the reasons behind his arrest and the charges against him. As this news continues to gain attention, people are turning to web articles to gain a deeper understanding of the incident. Here, we present you with all the essential details about this incident.


Mustafizur Rahman: The Youtuber in Question

Before delving into the arrest of Mustafizur Rahman, let’s first understand the charges against him. Reports suggest that Mustafizur Rahman, an Assam Youtuber, was arrested for allegedly using minors in his videos. This is the primary reason behind his sudden rise to prominence in the news. According to information received by the PKBNews desk, Mustafizur Rahman was taken into custody on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. Keep scrolling to discover more about this case.


A Prominent Figure in Assam

Mustafizur Rahman is widely believed to be the wealthiest Youtuber in Assam. His arrest occurred while he was shooting a forthcoming video in Satpara, Jogighopa. Since news of his arrest broke on the internet, it has become a trending topic and has sent shockwaves through his fanbase, which consists of millions of followers on social media. Numerous netizens are actively engaging with this news and expressing their reactions. Read on for further details.


An Anonymous Complainant

The identity of the complainant has been kept confidential and remains undisclosed. According to the police, involving minors in videos is a violation of the law. It was the Bongaigaon Child Protection officer who filed a police report against Mustafizur Rahman at the Jogighopa Police Station. This report has triggered an investigation into the matter. It has been reported that some of Mustafizur Rahman’s videos depict child abuse, with child actors allegedly involved in their production. If you wish to view Mustafizur Rahman’s videos, you can find his channel on Youtube under his name. Stay tuned to this website for further updates and details as they emerge.