Who Is Officer Kevin Cram? What Happened In Algona, Iowa?



Who Was Officer Kevin Cram?

In the small and close-knit community of Algona, Iowa, Officer Kevin Cram was a familiar face. He had been serving the town for nearly a decade, committed to keeping the peace. As a husband, father, and an integral part of the Algona community, Cram’s dedication to his role as a patrol officer was unwavering.


A Sorrowful Incident Unfolds

On an ordinary Wednesday, tragedy struck when Officer Cram attempted to arrest Kyle Ricke, a 43-year-old with a history of troubling behavior. Ricke had already raised concerns due to his excessive and concerning contacts with a victim. This led to an arrest warrant being issued for him.

Around 8:15 p.m., Officer Cram received the call to apprehend Ricke at the 1100 block of Minnesota Street. He approached Ricke, informing him of his impending arrest, and attempted to handcuff him. However, the situation took a deadly turn when Ricke pulled out a gun and shot Officer Cram, who tragically lost his life.


Kyle Ricke’s Troubling History

Kyle Ricke’s actions had not gone unnoticed in the community. Prior to this incident, he had faced warnings for his erratic behavior, particularly his excessive contacts with a victim. Ricke had pleaded not guilty to charges of third-degree harassment in Kossuth County.

After the shooting, Ricke fled the scene, prompting a four-hour manhunt. He was eventually apprehended about 100 miles north of Algona in Leavenworth Township, rural Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, just before midnight. According to court documents, Ricke exclaimed, “too late, mother f—–,” after shooting Officer Cram.

Ricke is currently held in the Brown County Jail and will be transported back to Iowa to face first-degree murder charges in connection with Officer Cram’s death.


Community Pays Tribute to a Hero

The entire community, along with police departments from various counties in Iowa, has come together to mourn the loss of Officer Kevin Cram. The tragic incident has left a deep void in Algona, and tributes have poured in from across the region.

The Algona Police Department, as well as residents, are grieving the loss of a dedicated officer who served for a decade. Officer Cram leaves behind a wife and children, and the community is rallying around his family during this difficult time.


Solidarity and Support

Support for the Algona Police Department and Officer Cram’s family has been overwhelming. Messages of condolences and solidarity have come from near and far. Organizations like the NYPD, Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, and local radio station KHBT-97.7 FM The Bolt have expressed their sympathy and support.


In Closing

The loss of Officer Kevin Cram has shaken the peaceful town of Algona, Iowa. His commitment to maintaining the safety and harmony of the community will be remembered by all. Meanwhile, Kyle Ricke faces serious charges for his actions, leaving the community grappling with a senseless tragedy.