Who Is Penny Mordaunt The Coronation Lady In Blue With Sword


On the momentous day of May 6, 2023, the world witnessed the grand coronation of King Charles III, a dazzling display of monarchy that drew over 2200 guests from around the globe. While Westminster Abbey glittered with dignitaries and royals, one individual managed to steal the spotlight, and it wasn’t the King himself.


Penny Mordaunt,

holding the distinguished titles of Leader of the House of Commons and Lord President of the Council, played a crucial role during the ceremony, and her performance left a lasting impression on everyone who witnessed it.


Penny’s Remarkable Role:

Penny Mordaunt’s recent appearance at the coronation became a viral sensation, with people applauding her sense of responsibility and impressive physical strength. But what exactly was her role in this historic event?

Penelope Mary Mordaunt had the unique honor of being the first woman ever to present the Sword of Offering in a coronation ceremony. You might wonder why she was chosen for this prestigious task. It’s likely because of her significant political position, which she likened to “the chairman of the King’s Privy Council.”

Mordaunt shared insights about her upcoming role on the Red Box Politics podcast of The Times, although she didn’t reveal all the specifics. She expressed, “It is going to be royal and marvelous and mystical and spiritual and everything that you would expect it to be, but it will be modern as well.”


A Modern Touch:

The inclusion of the word ‘modern’ in her statement possibly alluded to her groundbreaking role as the first-ever female sword-bearer. It appears she had ample practice before the coronation ceremony.

The sword Penny carried, known as the Sword of State, was crafted by Italian artisan Domenico da Sutri. This sword is a part of the Honors of Scotland, which holds the distinction of being Britain’s oldest crown jewels. Symbolizing the monarch’s duty to uphold rights and peace, it carries profound significance.

Penny Mordaunt demonstrated her remarkable strength by carrying the eight-pound Sword of State at right angles to her body. She then exchanged it for the jeweled Sword of Offering and presented it to King Charles.

Another noteworthy tradition she participated in was “buying back” the sword from the Archbishop of Canterbury, a transaction that involved 100 newly minted 50p pieces bearing the image of the current King.


Support and Admiration: T

witter erupted with messages of admiration and support for Penny Mordaunt, as people from all walks of life praised her unexpected yet impressive role in the coronation.

Many have raised questions about her past decisions, but the public seems willing to overlook them in favor of celebrating her participation in this significant event. Her fitness level, which left everyone in awe, has also garnered attention, with some even suggesting she could compete in the Olympics.


Modern Elegance:

Penny Mordaunt’s attire on this momentous occasion was a blend of modernity and royal elegance, perfectly suited to the grandeur of the event.



If you missed the live broadcast of the coronation, you can still catch the full nearly three-hour-long ceremony on The Royal Family’s YouTube channel. Be sure to watch and take note of Penny Mordaunt as she stands out in her custom teal dress.