Who Is Phillip Sallewsky? Northlake Woods principal arrested in online sexual exploitation investigation



In a deeply disturbing and shocking turn of events, Phillip Sallewsky, the principal of Northlake Woods Public School in Waterloo, Ontario, has been arrested on multiple child sexual exploitation charges. The allegations stem from an extensive joint investigation involving the Toronto, Waterloo, and London police services. This harrowing incident has sent shockwaves throughout the community and left parents and school authorities deeply concerned.


Phillip Sallewsky – A Principal in Disgrace:

Phillip Sallewsky, a 55-year-old educator who held a position of great responsibility, now finds himself at the center of a disturbing criminal investigation. Reports suggest that Sallewsky engaged in online communications with several teenage girls via Snapchat, using various usernames, including “Chuck” and “Sam.” During these conversations, the accused allegedly shared sexually explicit messages and photos with the victims.


The Start of the Investigation:

This troubling investigation began in February, and law enforcement agencies were quick to respond to the distressing reports. Their diligent efforts revealed that the suspect had arranged to meet one of the girls in Burlington on Thursday, March 30, 2023. Law enforcement officers were prepared for this meeting and promptly arrested Sallewsky, taking him into custody under the jurisdiction of the London police.


Community Outrage and Concern:

The revelation of these charges against a school principal has understandably ignited outrage and concern among the community members. Parents of students at Northlake Woods Public School are left worried and anxious, fearing that Sallewsky may have misbehaved with students under his care. However, as the matter is currently before the courts, specific details regarding any potential misconduct within the school remain undisclosed.


School Board’s Response:

The Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) responded swiftly to the situation, taking measures to address the concerns of parents and ensure the safety of students. Estefania Brandenstein, the Communications Officer for WRDSB, communicated that she cannot provide specific details related to the case while it is under legal proceedings.

She further clarified that Sallewsky has been barred from WRDSB properties and denied access to school board communication tools. This decisive action aims to safeguard the school community and uphold its commitment to student well-being.


Charges Against Phillip Sallewsky:

Phillip Sallewsky now faces a total of 17 charges, including but not limited to:

Five counts of luring a person under 16 years of age through telecommunications.

Two counts of invitation to sexual touching under 16 years of age.

Sexual assault.

Three counts of transmitting sexually explicit material to an individual under 16 years of age, among others.

The severity of these charges suggests that Sallewsky may face a lengthy legal process and, if convicted, a significant period of incarceration.



The shocking arrest of Principal Phillip Sallewsky on child sexual exploitation charges has sent shockwaves through the community. As the legal proceedings unfold, parents, students, and educators are left grappling with the profound implications of this distressing incident. While the investigation continues, the community remains united in its commitment to protecting its children and ensuring their safety within the school environment.