Who Is Quando Rondo’s Girlfriend Jakiyah



Quando Rondo’s Love Confession

Quando Rondo, the talented rapper, left fans excited and intrigued when he introduced his girlfriend, Jakiyah, to the world back in October 2021. Through a series of intimate photos shared on his Instagram, Quando Rondo made their relationship official. These pictures depicted the couple sharing tender kisses and warm embraces. In the caption, he poured his heart out, expressing his loyalty to Jakiyah and making it clear that he didn’t want anyone asking about other women.


Love Continues to Blossom

As time passed, Quando Rondo continued to wear his heart on his sleeve on social media. In July 2022, he took to his platform to compare Jakiyah to a butterfly that refused to flutter away. This beautiful metaphor symbolized her constant presence in his life, a presence he cherished deeply. In one heartfelt post, he even declared his willingness to do anything for her, going as far as putting his own life on the line.


Rumors and Reunions

Recently, there were rumors circulating about a possible breakup between the two lovebirds. However, Quando Rondo himself took to Instagram to confirm the news. But just when fans thought it was over, he posted another picture with Jakiyah, sending a clear message that she had never truly left his life. In his posts, he revealed that even though the relationship had its ups and downs, his financial status, including a generous gift from NBA YoungBoy, helped him stay upbeat.


 Jakiyah’s Connection to Quando’s Daughter

Quando Rondo, despite being only 23, is already a devoted father to his young daughter, Italy. However, it’s important to note that Jaliyah is not Italy’s mother. Italy’s mother is Jai Doll, a former girlfriend of Quando Rondo whom he dated in 2019. Jai Doll is an entrepreneur with a substantial Instagram following of 198,000. She actively promotes her hair styling and beauty business on her Instagram profile.

Quando Rondo frequently shares heartwarming pictures of his daughter, Italy, on social media, proving his dedication as a father. In December 2021, he posted an adorable photo of himself and Italy, both dressed in matching Burberry outfits in front of a Christmas tree. He celebrated her birthday with a touching message on Instagram, reaffirming his love and promising a future reunion.

Interestingly, Italy has her own Instagram account and clothing brand, hinting at a potential future in the entertainment industry, following in her famous father’s footsteps.


 Unveiling Jakiyah

So, who is Jakiyah, the woman who has captured Quando Rondo’s heart? Based on available information, it’s highly probable that her last name is Muhammad. This assumption is drawn from Sol C. Johnson High School’s 2022 graduation list, which includes a graduate named Jakiyah Jahnea Muhammad. Considering Jakiyah is Quando Rondo’s girlfriend, this could be her full name.

If Jakiyah did indeed graduate in May 2022, she would be around 18 years old. She maintains an active presence on Instagram under the handle @quando_rondo and appears to abstain from using Facebook.

Jakiyah has yet to disclose her occupation, but she proudly announced on her Instagram account that she graduated with honors from Sol C. Johnson High School. She has also achieved social media fame, amassing a growing following of 127,000 subscribers on Instagram.

With aspirations of becoming an influencer in the future, Jakiyah has already launched a joint YouTube channel named “Quando & Kiyah” with her boyfriend. The channel has garnered 4.48K subscribers to date, with one video reaching an impressive 55K views, a clear sign that their fans eagerly await more content from this delightful duo.


In conclusion

Quando Rondo and Jakiyah’s love story is one that continues to captivate their fans. Through ups and downs, their bond remains strong, and their future together seems promising, both in their personal lives and in the world of social media and entertainment.