Who is Roxy Horner? Jack Whitehall’s Girlfriend Age, Wikipedia And Illness



Today, we bring you the latest buzz surrounding Jack Whitehall and his girlfriend, Roxy Horner. The couple has been making headlines due to some exciting news – they’re soon to be parents! This news has taken the internet by storm, leaving people curious and eager to know more. In this article, we’ll delve into who Roxy Horner is, her background, and some intriguing details about her health. Let’s get started!


Who is Roxy Horner?

Roxy Horner is a well-known figure in the modeling world. She made her debut in British Vogue at the tender age of 17, showcasing her exceptional talent and beauty. Born on June 20, 1991, Roxy is currently 31 years old. Her modeling career has seen her collaborate with various brands, including Bohoo, Superday, and Boux Avenue. Beyond her modeling endeavors, Roxy has also ventured into acting, making appearances in a few films.


Roxy Horner’s Health Battle:

In a rather unexpected turn of events, Roxy Horner faced a health crisis during the 2021 Brit Awards, an event hosted by her now-boyfriend, Jack Whitehall. While attending the event, she suddenly collapsed and was subsequently rushed to the hospital. It was there that she received the life-altering diagnosis of diabetes. Roxy courageously shared her challenging experience with her followers through her Instagram story, shedding light on the importance of health awareness and resilience.


Roxy Horner’s Relationship History:

Before her relationship with Jack Whitehall, Roxy Horner had a history of high-profile connections. She was previously romantically linked to singer Jack Bugg, with whom she shared some memorable moments. Additionally, rumors circulated about her involvement with Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio and reality TV personality Joey Essex.

Roxy and Leonardo were often seen together at various events, sparking speculations about their relationship status. However, Roxy firmly denied these rumors. The love story of Jack Whitehall and Roxy Horner began when they crossed paths during Jack’s travels to Australia. Their connection grew stronger, leading to them eventually moving in together at Jack Whitehall’s London residence.



In summary, Roxy Horner is not just a stunning model but also a resilient individual who faced health challenges head-on. Her journey in the fashion and entertainment industry has been marked by notable achievements, and her relationship with Jack Whitehall has brought joy to both of their lives. As they embark on the exciting journey of parenthood, we can only expect more heartwarming updates from this lovely couple. Stay tuned for further updates on this captivating story.