Who is SNL’s Miss Jenny? Fans adore ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’ Pedro Pascal



In 2023, Saturday Night Live (SNL) graced our screens once again. The February 4 episode featured a delightful surprise for fans as Miss Jenny shared the stage with host Pedro Pascal.


A Glittering Lineup:

SNL’s return from the holiday break brought forth a constellation of celebrities and musical talents, including Aubrey Plaza, Sam Smith, Michael B Jordan, and Lil Baby.


The Charming Duo: Miss Jenny and Daddy Pedro:

Amidst the hilarity of the 48th season of SNL, a character named Miss Jenny emerged to steal the show. Fans were utterly enchanted by her comedic chemistry with Narcos star Pedro Pascal.


Meet Miss Jenny:

During the February 4 episode, Pedro Pascal regaled the audience with his uproarious ‘Fancam Assembly’ skit. In this act, the Game of Thrones luminary assumed the role of a teacher, affectionately dubbed Mr. Ben. Sharing the stage was the wonderful Sarah Paulson, playing the role of ‘Miss Jenny.’


A Touch of Playful Affection:

In the skit, Mr. Ben curiously inquired, “Why is Miss Jenny mommy?” This question set the stage for Sarah Paulson’s entrance. Their endearing banter led to the adoption of endearing nicknames by their students, who lovingly dubbed them “mommy” and “daddy.”


Sarah Paulson: A Star with Versatility:

Sarah Paulson’s surprise appearance on SNL’s February 4 episode delighted fans. The 48-year-old actor gained recognition through roles in American Gothic and Jack & Jill. Presently, she graces our screens in acclaimed shows like American Horror Story, Ratched, and American Crime Story. Originally hailing from Tampa, Florida, Sarah commands a following of over 4 million on Instagram (@mssarahcatharinepaulson).


Behind the Scenes: Love in Real Life:

Despite their on-screen romantic entanglements, it’s worth noting that Sarah Paulson is happily married to someone else in real life. She and her partner, Holland Taylor, have shared their lives since 2015.

As SNL continues to bring laughter and unforgettable moments to our screens, the endearing duo of Miss Jenny and Daddy Pedro Pascal remains etched in our hearts. Sarah Paulson’s wit and charm, both on and off-screen, continue to captivate audiences worldwide. We eagerly await more delightful collaborations and heartwarming performances from this talented pair.