Who Is Stone Foltz’s Girlfriend Maddy Borja? Parents Sue BGSU


Recent headlines have brought the names of Stone Foltz, his girlfriend Maddy Borja, and his grieving family into the spotlight, leaving many curious and concerned about their story. Stone Foltz’s untimely passing has garnered significant attention, prompting discussions about justice and accountability. In this article, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the events surrounding this tragedy.


Stone Foltz’s Passing:

Stone Foltz was a sophomore student at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) whose life was tragically cut short due to alcohol intoxication. The heartbreaking incident occurred just three days after he attended a Pi Kappa Alpha new member initiation event, which was hosted at an off-campus house.


Legal Actions Taken:

Following this incident, eight individuals were charged with hazing, and six of them faced additional charges related to the death of Stone Foltz. In response to this devastating loss, Stone’s mother, Shari Foltz, has filed a lawsuit against Pi Kappa Alpha’s Delta Beta Chapter, as well as ten others, seeking justice for her son. The pain and anguish experienced by the Foltz family are beyond comprehension, and their determination to pursue justice is unwavering.


Social Media Support:

The Foltz family’s quest for justice has garnered widespread support, both from their local community and from social media users across the globe. The tragedy of losing a loved one under such circumstances is unimaginable, and the online community has joined in mourning Stone’s passing and praying for his soul’s eternal rest.


Introducing Maddy Borja:

Amidst the tragedy, the girlfriend of the deceased, Maddy Borja, also came into the public eye. Many are curious to learn more about her and her connection to the heartbreaking incident.


Maddy Borja’s Role:

Maddy Borja played a pivotal role in this heartbreaking saga. She was with Stone Foltz just hours after he consumed alcohol, which ultimately proved to be a fatal dose. Maddy was the first to call 911 and alert the authorities to the unfolding emergency. The circumstances surrounding Stone’s death paint a grim picture of a fraternity event where excessive alcohol consumption was reportedly a tradition.


Fraternity Event Details:

According to reports, fraternity members took Stone Foltz back to his apartment after the event, leaving him unattended until he was later found unconscious. In the aftermath, eight former fraternity members faced legal consequences, either through trial convictions or guilty pleas. The legal process is ongoing, with law enforcement agencies continuing to investigate the case.


Legal Action Against BGSU:

In 2022, Stone Foltz’s parents took legal action against Bowling Green State University, alleging that the institution failed to address hazing incidents adequately. This legal battle gained significant attention, and it’s worth noting that Bowling Green reached a $2.9 million settlement in connection with Stone Foltz’s tragic passing.

As the legal proceedings continue and the search for justice persists, the story of Stone Foltz, Maddy Borja, and the Foltz family serves as a somber reminder of the importance of addressing hazing and ensuring the safety of students within educational institutions.