Who Is Topo, The Drumming Playing Octopus In Aquaman?



 Aquaman’s New Adventure with Topo

In the exciting trailer for the upcoming DC movie, “Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom,” fans got a sneak peek into the next chapter of Arthur Curry’s adventures. While the first movie delved into Aquaman’s love life, this sequel promises a different focus – the bromance between Arthur and his brother Orm Marius.


The Return of a Unique Character

Many fans are eagerly anticipating the return of familiar characters from the first movie. Among them is the drum-playing octopus, Topo. Topo is not just any octopus; he’s a loyal ally of Aquaman from the comic books, often assisting Arthur in his heroic escapades.

Director James Wan has exciting news for fans: Topo, the drum-playing Octopus, will have a more prominent role in “Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom.” In fact, he’s going to be “an actual character” this time around.


Topo’s Appearance in the Trailer

In the recently released trailer, we see Arthur Curry riding an octopus out of the ocean, embarking on an unknown journey. This octopus companion is none other than Topo, the drumming octopus. Topo accompanies Jason Momoa’s character on a seahorse named Storm, and it’s clear that he’s going to play a significant role in the sequel.


James Wan’s Inspiration

Director James Wan shares his inspiration for including Topo as a character in the film. He reveals that his love for the Aquaman comics influenced his decision. Wan wanted to showcase the vehicles, weapons, and the unique world of the Lost Kingdom, drawing inspiration from the Silver Age Aquaman comic books from the 1960s, giving the movie a retro vibe.


 Who Is Topo, and How Does He Fit In?

In the comic books, Topo is an octopus hailing from Atlantis and has been a lifelong friend of Arthur Curry. He’s always been a loyal companion to Aquaman, originating from DC comics as far back as 1959.

Created by artist Ramona Fradon, Topo made his first appearance in Adventure Comics vol. 1 #229. In the comics, he served as Aquaman’s beloved pet and helper, occasionally aiding the superhero in his missions.


Topo’s Cameo in the First Movie

In the first Aquaman movie, Topo made a brief cameo appearance, serving as a visual spectacle. He showcased his musical talents during intense Atlantean battles. Fans still fondly remember the moment when Topo, the monstrous octopus, played a captivating drumbeat with his eight nimble arms.


Topo’s Role in the Sequel

As for Topo’s role in “Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom,” it’s yet to be fully revealed. However, it’s believed that Topo, with his human-like intelligence, will serve as a messenger to Arthur Curry. There’s speculation that he might assist in breaking Orm out of prison, as hinted in the trailer.


 Topo’s Friendship with Aquaman

Topo’s friendship with Aquaman has always been a heartwarming aspect of the comics. His unwavering loyalty and unique abilities make him a valuable companion to Arthur Curry. Fans are eager to see how this octopus sidekick will play a part in Aquaman’s new journey.


Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom Release Date

Starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, “Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom” is scheduled for release on December 20, 2023. As the movie’s release date draws near, fans can’t wait to witness the adventures of Aquaman and his extraordinary octopus friend, Topo.

With Topo set to take on a more significant role, this sequel promises to be an exciting and unique addition to the Aquaman franchise. So mark your calendars for December 20th and get ready to dive into the Lost Kingdom with Aquaman and Topo.