Who is Whitney from Southern Charm dating as Naomie says they kissed?



During the latest episode of Southern Charm, Naomie Olindo dropped a bombshell, confessing to a kiss with co-star Whitney Sudler-Smith. This revelation has sparked speculations about the nature of their relationship since filming concluded.


The ‘Shady’ Incident and Craig’s Reaction

Late in 2021, Whitney and Naomie’s paths intertwined after a whimsical dog wedding. Craig Conover, Naomie’s ex, expressed discontent over the hookup, deeming Naomie’s actions as “shady.” He questioned Whitney’s involvement, considering the past ties between Naomie and him.


Whitney’s Relationship Status

As of now, Whitney is flying solo, showing no signs of a new romantic interest. Known for his bachelor lifestyle, he seems content without thoughts of settling down anytime soon. Whitney’s previous serious relationship with Austrian actress Larissa Marolt ended in 2016, leading him into various flings, including a casual stint with Kathryn Dennis.


The Enigma of Naomie and Whitney

Despite their passionate encounter, there’s no confirmation of Naomie and Whitney officially dating. Their social media interactions, marked by mutual following on Instagram, suggest an amicable post-romance connection. It seems they’ve maintained a cordial rapport.


Craig’s Discontent and the ‘Bro Code’

Craig voiced his unease about the situation, implying that Whitney had breached the unspoken rules of “bro code.” In his eyes, it was an unexpected turn of events, given Naomie’s past relationship with him. The complexity of unwritten social norms was brought into sharp relief.


Naomie’s Journey Post-Split

Since parting ways with ex-boyfriend Metul Shah in July 2021 after a three-year relationship, Naomie Olindo has ventured back into the world of dating. Her openness about this transition promises intriguing developments in her personal life, set to unfold on the show.