Who was Cory Hunter? Family sues UBER after 21-year-old killed in Corona highway



In recent times, the name Cory Hunter has become a topic of interest as the public seeks to learn more about him and the tragic incident that unfolded. The news surrounding Cory Hunter has been making waves across the internet, and in this article, we aim to provide our readers with comprehensive details about him and the viral news associated with his unfortunate passing.


Who Was Cory Hunter?

Cory Hunter, a resident of Corona, tragically lost his life at the young age of 21 on Sunday, May 21, 2023. The incident occurred when he was struck by a Toyota Corolla while crossing the centerline. At the time of the accident, Cory Hunter was one of five passengers traveling in an Uber vehicle. His family has taken legal action, filing a lawsuit against Uber for wrongful death and negligence. The lawsuit alleges that the Uber driver abandoned Cory Hunter on the side of the road, a claim that raises serious concerns. Importantly, no criminal investigations were conducted in connection with the incident.

Theida Salazar, the attorney representing the Uber driver, has stated that the driver returned to the scene in an attempt to locate Cory Hunter but was unable to find him. This tragic incident has deeply affected the community, with Cory Hunter’s high school team’s head coach describing him as a “gifted athlete” who was beloved by everyone who knew him.

While news organizations have reached out to Uber for comment, the company has not provided an immediate response regarding the case.


The Heartbreaking Sequence of Events

The tragic sequence of events unfolded on May 21, 2023, as Cory Hunter and his companions were traveling in an Uber vehicle along Highway 91 in Corona. It was approximately 2:30 a.m. when Cory Hunter was awakened by his fellow passengers while he was still drowsy in the car. He was asked to exit the vehicle to assist someone who needed to vomit outside. Following this request, the Uber driver departed, leaving the 21-year-old alone on the highway.

Tragically, while walking along the highway unaccompanied, Cory Hunter was struck by a Toyota Corolla. The driver of the Toyota Corolla immediately came to his aid, and no charges were filed against the driver.


Legal Action and Allegations

In response to the devastating incident, Cory Hunter’s family has initiated legal proceedings, filing a claim of negligence against the Uber driver. The lawsuit alleges that the Uber driver effectively left Cory Hunter, who was in a disoriented state, on the side of a busy highway, thereby putting his life in peril.

Theida Salazar, representing the Uber driver, has conveyed the driver’s shock and sorrow upon learning of Cory Hunter’s tragic passing. Salazar emphasized the profound impact of this situation, highlighting that her client is a father with a strong sense of community and empathy for others. The loss of life is deeply felt, and her client does not take it lightly.

As the legal proceedings unfold and more details emerge, the case of Cory Hunter serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of safety and responsibility in transportation services.