Who was Maureen Breau? Quebec Police Officer Killed – Age, Family, Husband



In a solemn gathering filled with both sorrow and respect, a devoted Quebec provincial police officer, Sgt. Maureen Breau, who tragically lost her life while on duty, was honored. She was more than just a policewoman; she was a mother, a wife, and a cherished friend. This article pays tribute to her life, exploring her career, family, and the lasting impact she left behind.


Sgt. Maureen Breau: A Life Dedicated to Service and Family

On a somber day in Trois-Rivers, Quebec, thousands of officers and first responders from across North America came together to bid farewell to Sgt. Maureen Breau. With heavy hearts, they gathered for her funeral, held in memory of a courageous officer whose career spanned two decades. But beyond her role in law enforcement, she was a mother, a daughter, and a friend, a multifaceted woman who had dedicated herself to ensuring the safety of her community.


A Tragic Loss: Sgt. Breau’s Sacrifice

The fateful day of March 27, 2023, marked the tragic end of Sgt. Breau’s life while serving her duty. Fatally stabbed while executing an arrest warrant in Louiseville, Quebec, she paid the ultimate price in her unwavering commitment to the protection of others. As her casket, adorned with the Quebec flag, was carried into the church by eight officers, tears flowed freely among those who had gathered to pay their respects. Among them stood her husband, Daniel Sanscartier, and two of their children, accompanied by three officers who had shared the night of her untimely passing.


Sgt. Maureen Breau: A Hero in Two Worlds

During the emotional funeral service, speakers eloquently paid tribute to Sgt. Breau’s illustrious career and her unwavering devotion to her family. At 42 years old, she was not just a dedicated officer but also a loving mother, with her husband sharing the same profession in provincial law enforcement. Her friend and former partner fondly recalled their seven years of working together as the highlight of her career. Emotions welled up as she reminisced about the laughter and conversations they once shared. She even mentioned listening to the last voicemail Sgt. Breau had left her, a poignant reminder of the friendship they had shared.


A Call to Remember and Continue

In a heartfelt plea, Sgt. Breau’s friend asked for her fellow officers to carry on her legacy. She urged them to find the courage to persist in their profession and to maintain their faith in the justice system they represent. In a touching ceremony, Sgt. Breau’s hat and a police service medal were solemnly placed on her casket. As the service concluded, the flag that had draped her coffin was presented to her grieving husband, while her children received her hat. With her name called out, officers saluted in unison as her hearse departed, accompanied by a motorcade of police motorcycles.


A Respected Officer Honored by Thousands

Along the three-kilometer procession route, residents gathered to pay their respects, bearing witness to the estimated 4,000 police officers, members of various law enforcement agencies, corrections officers, firefighters, and paramedics from across Canada and the eastern United States. They marched on foot, in vehicles, and on motorcycles, creating a powerful tribute to Sgt. Breau’s service. Remarkably, officers from approximately 60 police forces participated in this heartfelt commemoration.


A Tragic Ending for a Devoted Officer

The man accused of Sgt. Breau’s tragic killing, Isaac Lessard, 35, met his end at the hands of provincial police. Notably, he had been found not criminally responsible by the courts at least five times for previous offenses. Sgt. Breau’s passing marked the first time a Quebec provincial police officer had died on duty since 2016 and the first killed with a weapon since 1990.



Sgt. Maureen Breau’s life and sacrifice will forever be remembered. A dedicated officer, a loving mother, and a respected friend, her legacy lives on in the hearts of those who knew her. As the community joins together to mourn her loss, they also honor her unwavering dedication to keeping others safe. In her memory, they find strength and unity, cherishing the moments they had with this remarkable woman. This report, originally published on April 13, 2023, by the Canadian Press, serves as a tribute to her life and service.