Who was Rupal Ogrey? Air Hostess Murder In Mumbai, Instagram and boyfriend details



Who Was Rupal Ogrey?

In a heartbreaking incident in Mumbai, a 23-year-old air hostess named Rupal Ogrey was found lifeless in her apartment at Marol, Andheri East. The discovery was made on Sunday night, September 3, 2023. Rupal’s cousin’s friend, concerned when she didn’t respond, found her lifeless body with a grievous wound to her neck. This tragic event has left the city in shock.

The Startling Discovery Rupal’s cousin’s friend, worried about her silence, sought help to open her door. When they finally gained entry, the sight that met them was deeply distressing. Rupal lay motionless on the floor, her life cut short in a most cruel manner. It was a scene of immense sorrow, as Rupal’s life was extinguished too soon.

The Investigation Unfolds The police swiftly launched a thorough investigation into Rupal Ogrey’s tragic murder. Over 45 individuals, including building staff and security personnel, were questioned in a bid to uncover the truth. Among those questioned, a man named Vikram Athwal, a garbage collection staffer, was taken into custody on suspicion of attempting to take advantage of Rupal and resorting to violence when met with resistance.

A Suspect in Custody Vikram Athwal, a 35-year-old man, was apprehended by the police in connection to this dreadful crime. It is still uncertain if Rupal was subjected to any form of sexual assault. To get to the bottom of this, the forensic team has collected samples for further examination. The investigation continues to shed light on the dark circumstances surrounding Rupal’s untimely demise.

Seeking Justice for Rupal Ogrey Rupal Ogrey’s life was tragically cut short on that fateful Sunday night. It is suspected that the incident occurred between 11:30 pm and 12 a.m. on September 3, 2023. A case has been registered under IPC Section 307, signifying the gravity of this crime. The entire city mourns the loss of a promising young woman, and all are eager for justice to be served.

A City in Grief Mumbai stands united in sorrow for Rupal Ogrey. Her promising future was cruelly stolen from her, leaving her loved ones in anguish. As the investigation presses on, the city hopes for answers and closure. The memory of Rupal will forever live on in the hearts of those who knew her.



The tragic loss of Rupal Ogrey has left a deep scar on the hearts of many. As the investigation unfolds, we hope for swift justice for this senseless act. Rupal’s memory will remain etched in the minds of those who knew her, a testament to the bright future she was unjustly denied. Our thoughts are with her family and friends during this difficult time.