Who was Shruthi Shanmugam’s husband, Arvind Shekar? Bharathi Kannamma Serial Actress Husband Dies at 30



Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu is grappling with the sudden passing of Arvind Shekar, the beloved husband of renowned actress Shruthi Shanmuga Priya. The unexpected demise has left many in shock and disbelief. People are eager to learn more about Arvind Shekar and the circumstances surrounding his untimely departure.


A Grief-Stricken Industry

Arvind Shekar, a prominent figure in the Tamil film and television industry, left this world at the young age of 30. His passing has cast a somber mood over the industry, as he was widely known as the husband of the popular Bharathi Kannamma serial actress, Shruthi Shanmuga Priya. The news of his sudden departure, especially just a year into their marriage, is profoundly heartbreaking.


A Heartfelt Goodbye

Arvind Shekar’s cause of death was reported as a heart attack, a sudden and unforeseen event that claimed his life at such a young age. The entire industry, along with friends, family, and fans, mourn this significant loss. Arvind Shekar’s dedication to fitness and his role as a gym trainer made him a well-loved figure in the community. His passion for health and well-being left a positive impact on those around him.


A Tale of Love and Stardom

Last year, in a ceremony attended by numerous television stars, Arvind and Shruthi exchanged vows, becoming one of the most cherished couples in the world of Tamil cinema. Shruthi Shanmuga Priya, known for her roles in popular series like Nathaswaram, Vani Rani, Bharathi Kannamma, and Kalyanaparisu, saw her stardom soar. Her work on both the small and big screen garnered her a dedicated fan base.

Arvind Shekar’s memory will live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved him. The industry mourns the loss of a talented individual and a devoted husband. Our deepest condolences go out to Shruthi Shanmuga Priya and all who are grieving during this difficult time. May Arvind Shekar find eternal peace.