Who Was The Guy On The Beach In Uncharted Is This Really Nolan North

Who Was The Guy On The Beach In Uncharted Is This Really Nolan North



When our daily lives revolved around the same old routine of waking up, going to school or work, eating, sleeping, and repeating, the Uncharted game came to our rescue, whisking us away to a world of adventure and excitement. With Nathan Drake as our guide, we embarked on thrilling journeys, solving puzzles, and experiencing epic action like never before. Developed by Naughty Dog and crafted by the talented Amy Henning, Uncharted became a beloved and critically acclaimed video game, offering hours of escapism and entertainment.

Now, in 2022, the highly anticipated Uncharted movie has hit the screens, starring Tom Holland as the young Nathan Drake, Mark Wahlberg as Sully, Antonio Banderas as Santiago, and Rudy Pankow as Sam, Nathan’s long-lost brother.


The Enigmatic Man on the Beach:

As the movie delves into the young Nathan’s “hero’s journey,” it offers an intriguing glimpse into his adventurous life. In one gripping scene from the trailer, Nathan finds himself plummeting out of a plane, surviving a car collision within the aircraft, and ultimately free-falling into the sea. Despite the chaos, he manages to make it to a beach, where he encounters a stranger.

This enigmatic man on the beach strikes up an unusual conversation with the drenched and exhausted Nathan and Chloe. He asks them, “What the hell happened to you two?” Nathan, not missing a beat, replies, “Fell out of a car, then fell out of a plane.” The man responds with a thoughtful “Huh!” and says, “Something like that happened to me once.”

To the uninitiated, this exchange may seem like an ordinary encounter between strangers. However, for devoted Uncharted fans, it holds a legendary significance. The man on the beach, chatting with Tom Holland’s Nathan, is none other than Nolan North, the voice behind the iconic character of Nathan in the Uncharted video game.


Meet Nolan North:

Nolan North’s casual remark, “Something like that happened to me once,” carries a deeper meaning for gamers. In the game, Nathan faces a similar harrowing challenge during a heart-pounding combat scene, where players must navigate a free fall from a plane to keep the character alive.

Nolan North, an acclaimed voice actor, has lent his talents to numerous video game characters, infusing each one with a distinct personality. His portrayal of Nathan captures the essence of the character perfectly, endearing him to gamers worldwide. Over the years, Nolan has built a dedicated fanbase, frequently meeting thousands of gamers at events like comic cons and gaming conventions, where he holds meet-and-greets with his enthusiastic fans.

In the Uncharted movie, Nolan North’s cameo is nothing short of remarkable, as young Nathan gazes upon his future self in the form of Nolan. It’s a heartwarming nod to the game that brought the character to life.


Will There Be an Uncharted 2? Nolan’s Future Cameo:

With the success of the 2022 Uncharted movie, which was produced by Sony Pictures and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the possibility of sequels looms large. As the video game has already spawned multiple sequels, it’s only natural to wonder if the film will follow suit.

While it’s convenient to have Nolan North make a cameo in the movie, considering the strong ties between Sony and the Uncharted franchise, it remains uncertain whether he will appear in potential sequels.


Fun Fact: The Novel Version of Uncharted:

Did you know that there is a novel adaptation of Uncharted? Dive even deeper into the adventures of Nathan Drake through the written word, exploring thrilling tales that expand the Uncharted universe.


My Conclusive View:

As fans of Uncharted, witnessing Nolan North’s unexpected appearance in the movie was a delightful surprise. It added a layer of nostalgia and authenticity to the film that only true enthusiasts could fully appreciate. While the future of the Uncharted movie franchise remains uncertain, we can’t help but hope for more thrilling adventures and, perhaps, more glimpses of Nolan North in the world of Uncharted.