Why Are Kick Streamers Johnny Somali & Jino Knocked Out In Japan? Why Did Twitch Streamer Meowko Cry?


 Johnny Somali’s Troubles in Japan

In the world of online streaming, Johnny Somali is known for his lively shows and big fan following on Kick. But lately, his behavior has caused quite a stir. Something unexpected happened during his visit to Japan that left many puzzled. Let’s dig into the details.

Meowko’s Unpleasant Encounter

On September 10, 2023, Twitch Streamer Meowko shared a tweet about an uncomfortable encounter with Johnny Somali. This wasn’t the first time Johnny had been seen mistreating others. The next day, while Johnny was live streaming, he was confronted by a man. It turns out, Johnny was once again causing trouble on the streets. This man, clearly annoyed, threw a punch that knocked Johnny and his camera out. Shortly after, Johnny found himself banned from ‘Kick.’


Johnny’s Controversial Actions in Japan

Johnny Somali, a Kick streamer currently touring Japan, has been stirring up trouble since his arrival. Reports suggest he’s been disrespectful towards Japanese citizens, leading to confrontations. His actions even included racial insensitivity. Because of this, Johnny received a 72-hour suspension on Kick.

However, it appears Johnny didn’t learn from this suspension. On September 10, he harassed Twitch streamer Meowko while she was streaming in Osaka. In the stream, Johnny bragged about being banned from Twitch and claimed he was the most famous person in Japan. He even made derogatory remarks about Twitch streamers. Meowko, uncomfortable with his behavior, decided to leave. But Johnny didn’t seem bothered and taunted her further.


Meowko’s Response

Meowko took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to update her followers on the situation. She assured everyone of her safety and expressed concern about Johnny’s presence in Japan. She said, “I hope this person leaves Japan soon.” When asked about her Twitch ban, Meowko explained that quick action and cooperation with Twitch staff helped her avoid it.


 Confrontation Leads to Knockout

After the incident with Meowko, another video emerged, showing Johnny getting knocked out. This time, it was Johnny and Jino who were causing a commotion on the streets. They used offensive language and made racist comments, which angered a passerby. In the video, it’s clear that the man who confronted them was not Japanese. He landed a punch that sent both of them to the ground, causing their cameras to fall.

People are applauding the person who stood up to Johnny Somali and Jino. The video of the incident has gone viral on Twitter. As a result of these actions, Johnny is now banned from Kick.


Lessons to Learn

Johnny Somali’s behavior in Japan has sparked a widespread discussion about respect and cultural sensitivity. It serves as a reminder that fame should be accompanied by responsibility. Let’s hope this incident leads to positive changes in the world of online streaming.