Why did Khloé Kardashian go to jail? Judge wasn’t ‘very happy’ with star



In the early days of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, a pivotal moment occurred when Kris Jenner, in a mix of frustration and humor, exclaimed, “Stop taking selfies, your sister is going to jail!” The sister in question was Khloé Kardashian, and her brief jail term in 2008 became a memorable episode in the series.


The DUI Incident: Why Khloé Went to Jail

In March 2007, Khloé found herself in trouble with the law for driving under the influence. She maintained that she wasn’t heavily intoxicated, stating, “I wasn’t really that drunk, it wasn’t a high percentage.” Following her arrest, Khloé was mandated to complete community service and attend alcohol education classes.

Unfortunately, she missed two consecutive weeks of the course, leading to a 30-day jail sentence. The judge, unimpressed, considered her profession a privilege and found no justification for her dismissal from the classes.


A Swift Stint: Khloé’s Jail Time

Despite being ordered to serve 30 days, Khloé Kardashian spent less than three hours behind bars. Overcrowding in the prison resulted in her early release. Reflecting on her experience, Khloé remarked, “Being in there for 30 days, I would’ve died.”


Khloé’s Reflection on the Incident

In a 2022 episode of The Kardashians, Khloé shared a lighthearted moment with her mom, Kris Jenner, as they tried a weed gummy. She joked that she’d take the blame if they got into any trouble, nonchalantly mentioning her prior jail experience. Looking back, Khloé admitted, “I went to jail when I was like 22. I went to jail for a DUI, not smart. Don’t drink and drive.”

She also revealed an interesting tidbit about her mugshot: “Malika did my hair for my mugshot. I did my own makeup.” This candid confession shows a different side of the reality star, emphasizing the importance of learning from past mistakes.