Why Did Nebraska Volleyball Play Outside? Why Did Nebraska Volleyball Sell Out?



Nebraska Volleyball, a part of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s athletic division, made headlines on August 31, 2023. The outdoor volleyball tournament held at Memorial Stadium in Nebraska attracted an astounding 92,003 attendees, shattering previous records. Let’s dive into what makes Nebraska Volleyball so special and why this event was such a big deal.


Nebraska Volleyball: A Brief Overview

Nebraska Volleyball, affiliated with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, competes in the highest division of university volleyball, NCAA Division I. They are also a proud member of the highly competitive Big Ten Conference. The team’s impressive track record includes multiple NCAA championships, which has earned them a dedicated fan base across the United States and around the world.


The Legendary Coaches and Players

One key to Nebraska Volleyball’s success is its talented coaches, like the influential figure John Cook, who has led the team to numerous championships. The program has also produced many players who have gone on to successful careers in professional volleyball. It’s this combination of coaching expertise and player talent that makes Nebraska Volleyball stand out.


The Record-Breaking Moment

On August 31, 2023, Memorial Stadium played host to a historic outdoor volleyball tournament. The attendance reached an astonishing 92,003 people, setting a new world record for women’s sports events. This massive turnout even surpassed the previous record set at the UEFA Champions League match in 2022. It’s a testament to the passion and support of Nebraska Volleyball’s fan base.


Sellout Streak Continues

In addition to the record-breaking attendance, Nebraska Volleyball celebrated another impressive milestone: a sellout streak of 306 consecutive regular-season matches. This remarkable streak is not only an NCAA women’s record but also a testament to the unwavering support of their fans.


Social Media Buzz

Nebraska Volleyball’s official social media accounts were buzzing with excitement, capturing the unforgettable moments of the event. Fans and supporters from all over shared their joy and pride in being a part of this historic day.



Nebraska Volleyball’s outdoor match at Memorial Stadium will be remembered as a groundbreaking moment in women’s sports history. The massive crowd turnout and the ongoing sellout streak reflect the team’s enduring legacy and the passionate support of its fans. Nebraska Volleyball continues to inspire athletes and fans alike, setting new standards in the world of women’s volleyball.