Why Did Rubika Liyaquat Quits ABP News? Where Is She Going For New Job?



In a surprising turn of events, renowned television journalist Rubika Liyaquat has bid farewell to ABP News, leaving her audience and admirers in shock. The familiar face in the world of news, who had been a prominent anchor and senior journalist at ABP News since 2018, has decided to embark on a new journey. Speculation abounds about the reasons behind her departure, and in this article, we’ll delve into the details of this significant career move and explore what might lie ahead for Rubika Liyaquat.


Why Did Rubika Liyaquat Quit ABP News?

The news of Rubika Liyaquat’s departure from ABP News has left many wondering about the cause. While some unofficial reports suggested that she might be considering entrepreneurship over journalism, this claim seems to lack credibility. According to other sources, it appears that Rubika Liyaquat chose to resign due to a prolonged absence of a salary raise, coupled with a more enticing offer from another Hindi news channel.

Interestingly, the news channel that presented a more lucrative offer to Rubika Liyaquat is currently facing challenges in its viewership. To address this, they are actively seeking to draw in audiences by enlisting well-known television presenters and senior journalists from across the country. This strategic move by the newly launched Hindi news channel has created a buzz in the industry.

However, Rubika Liyaquat herself has not publicly disclosed the precise reason behind her departure from ABP News or unveiled her future plans. Her time at ABP News was marked by remarkable achievements and a strong rapport with the channel. Notably, before her tenure at ABP News, she also contributed her expertise to Zee News for a brief period.


Educational Background and Career Journey:

Rubika Liyaquat’s journey in journalism has been characterized by dedication and skill. She pursued Mass Communication at Mumbai University and hails from Udaipur. Her journalism career commenced at Live India, where she worked from June 2007 to September 2008. Following her tenure at Live India, Rubika Liyaquat joined News24 and subsequently became part of the Zee News team. Her most recent engagement was with ABP News, where she made a significant impact on the news landscape.



In conclusion, Rubika Liyaquat’s departure from ABP News has left us with questions about her future endeavors. While the reasons behind her decision remain shrouded in mystery, her legacy in the world of journalism is unquestionable. Whether she continues to follow her journalistic path or ventures into new territories as an entrepreneur, her followers eagerly await her next move. Stay tuned to this website for the latest updates and details about Rubika Liyaquat’s exciting journey ahead.