Why Didn’t HYBE Promote BTS V’s Solo Debut, LayoVer?

Why Didn't HYBE Promote BTS V's Solo Debut, LayoVer?



BTS, the world’s biggest boyband, has left an indelible mark on the global music scene. With record-breaking achievements like the most-viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours and being the most-streamed group on Spotify, BTS has made history in K-pop. While they have collectively achieved remarkable success, individual members have also ventured into solo careers. This year, BTS’s V, also known as Kim Tae-hyung, made his solo debut with “LayoVer.” However, fans are disappointed by the lack of promotion from HYBE, the agency behind BTS. In this article, we explore the reasons behind HYBE’s seemingly unfair treatment of V’s solo debut.


Lack of Promotion for “LayoVer”

V’s highly anticipated single album, “LayoVer,” was set to be released on September 8, 202To the surprise of fans, it received minimal promotion from HYBE and Big Hit, as well as from fellow BTS members. The management has not offered any explanation for this lack of promotion. Instead, V has taken it upon himself to promote his work through his social media channels and appearances on variety shows. HYBE’s official YouTube channel, Bangtan TV, known for promoting solo songs and albums, has not featured any content related to “LayoVer.”


Possible Reasons for the Lack of Promotion

While the exact reasons remain unknown, some speculate that V may be independently producing “LayoVer” without HYBE’s direct involvement. This could explain why the agency chose not to promote it. However, this does not justify mistreatment of an artist as popular as V, who has a significant fanbase. Disappointingly, this lack of promotion has been ongoing for several months.


V’s Mistreatment by HYBE and Big Hit

The absence of promotion for “LayoVer” is not the only issue that has raised concerns among fans. Several incidents in recent months have left fans questioning HYBE and Big Hit’s treatment of V. These incidents include the lack of security during V’s airport travels, causing worry among fans about his safety.

Additionally, V’s involvement in public events, such as attending the Broker movie premiere to support his friend Kang Dong-won and representing Vogue Korea, received little to no attention from his agency. Fans expected HYBE to highlight these activities to show their support for V’s endeavors outside of BTS.

One of the most significant controversies involved malicious rumors that circulated during the 2022 Grammy Awards when a picture of V smoking with Olivia Rodrigo surfaced. Despite this being a relatively normal activity, the rumors escalated, tarnishing V’s image. Shockingly, HYBE and Big Hit remained silent and did not defend V, further emphasizing their unfair treatment of the beloved BTS member.


Fans Demand Better Treatment for V

Fans of V, also known as Taehyung, have been vocal about their disappointment with HYBE’s treatment of the artist. Many fans believe that V deserves better, and they have expressed their frustration on social media platforms. Some even suggest that if HYBE cannot appreciate and nurture V’s talent, they should consider letting him explore opportunities with other companies.



V’s solo debut with “LayoVer” has been marred by a lack of promotion from HYBE and Big Hit, leaving fans disappointed. While the exact reasons for this treatment remain unclear, it raises concerns about the agency’s handling of one of the most popular K-pop artists. Fans continue to support V and hope for fairer treatment in the future.