Why Does Jaylen Brown Wear A Mask


If you’re a basketball fan or just someone curious about the Boston Celtics, you might have noticed something unusual about Jaylen Brown – he’s been sporting a mask during his games. No, he isn’t auditioning for a superhero role; there’s a more down-to-earth reason behind this mask. Let’s dive into the story of why Jaylen Brown wears a mask and what it means for him.


Who is Jaylen Brown?

Before we delve into the mask mystery, let’s briefly introduce the man behind it. Jaylen Brown, a 26-year-old basketball sensation, was drafted by the Boston Celtics in 2016. But his journey to the NBA began long before that, with standout performances in high school and college basketball. He earned numerous awards and was recognized as one of the country’s top basketball prospects. Jaylen’s success didn’t stop on the court; he’s also known for his community involvement and activism.

Why Do NBA Players Wear Masks?

NBA players, like Jaylen Brown, aren’t adopting a masked identity for fun; there are practical reasons behind it. Some players don masks to shield themselves from potential injuries. Getting smacked in the face with a basketball can lead to serious harm, including cuts and broken bones. Besides, no one wants their handsome face permanently marred.

Others wear masks as part of their recovery from facial injuries. Notable NBA stars like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Richard Hamilton have donned masks in the past to protect their healing faces from further damage.


What Masks Do NBA Players Wear?

These aren’t your typical face masks like the ones we’ve been wearing during the pandemic. NBA players wear specially designed masks that balance protection with visibility and breathability. These masks are lightweight and comfortable, with inner cushioning to prevent irritation.

There are different types of masks players can choose from. Jaylen Brown, for instance, wears a clear plastic mask that covers his nose and mouth. This style allows him to play while ensuring normal breathing and vision. Others, who may have suffered more severe facial injuries, opt for full-face black masks.

However, even these custom masks come with their challenges. Jaylen admitted that while they may look cool, they can make breathing a bit tricky during intense games.


Why Jaylen Brown Wears a Face Mask

Now, let’s return to our central question: Why does Jaylen Brown wear that distinctive face mask? It all started when he suffered a facial fracture during a game against the Philadelphia 76ers in February. While attempting a three-pointer, Jayson Tatum unintentionally struck him in the face while reaching for a rebound. Ouch!

Doctors prescribed the protective mask to aid in his recovery. The mask covers the upper half of his face and forehead, making quite an impression on the court. But this wasn’t just a minor injury; it was a serious fracture that needed time to heal properly.

Jaylen shared, “It can take up to twelve weeks for the injury to fully heal, and even then, it’s still a good idea to wear the mask for extra protection.” So, even though Jaylen might be approaching the twelve-week mark, he plans to continue wearing the mask. Why? Because his mom says so! And when mom insists on wearing a mask for protection, you follow her advice.


The Future of Masks in the NBA

Could wearing masks become the latest trend in NBA fashion? Who knows? After all, who doesn’t enjoy a touch of superhero flair? What are your thoughts on this unique court accessory? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below.

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Jaylen Brown’s mask isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a necessary accessory that protects him as he recovers from a facial injury. While it might seem intimidating on the court, it’s a reminder of the dedication and resilience of NBA players like Jaylen. So, the next time you see Jaylen Brown wearing his mask, you’ll know the story behind it, and you might even appreciate the superhero vibe it brings to the game.