Why Is “How To Kill Tinubu” Trending On TikTok? What Happened To President Tinubu?



Nigeria, a country with a complex history of leadership, has often faced challenges in choosing its path to progress. Since gaining independence from British rule in 1960, Nigeria has witnessed both promising leaders and authoritarian rulers, leading to divisions among its people. Despite being an economic giant in Africa, Nigeria still grapples with issues like low human development and widespread corruption.


Chief Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu: A Beacon of Hope?

For a nation longing for positive change, Chief Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu emerged as a symbol of hope. His promises and dedication to democracy resonated with many Nigerians, convincing them that the country was finally on the right track. However, within just 100 days of his presidency, Tinubu faced intense scrutiny for his controversial economic reforms, particularly the removal of fuel subsidies, which led to a surge in fuel, transport, and food prices.


TikTok Takes Center Stage

In the vibrant world of Nigerian politics, where opinions are passionately expressed, social media platforms like TikTok became a battleground for expressing views on Tinubu’s presidency. Supporters and critics clashed, with some saying it was too early to judge his leadership, while others expressed their dissatisfaction.


Tinubu’s Response and the TikTok Trend

Tinubu, feeling the heat of criticism, pointed fingers at the opposition, accusing them of spreading unwarranted propaganda against his administration. In a recent address to the Yoruba community, Tinubu defiantly declared, “You Can’t Kill Me, I’m Like a Poison Ivy, I Can’t Be Eaten.” This statement caught the attention of TikTok users, leading to the trending hashtag #HowtoKillTinubu, which was often used humorously to poke fun at his remarks.


President Tinubu’s Background

Tinubu’s journey to the presidency is a tale of twists and turns. He was born and raised in Southwestern Nigeria before moving to the USA, where he pursued accounting studies at Chicago State University. However, his time in the United States was marred by legal troubles, including a conviction related to dishonesty and drug trafficking.

Upon his return to Nigeria, Tinubu joined Mobil Nigeria as an accountant. His entry into Nigerian politics saw him become the governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007 and later a Senator representing Lagos West. With the advent of democracy, Tinubu saw an opportunity to pursue the presidency, promising a brighter future for Nigeria.


The Controversial Policies

Tinubu’s presidency brought about significant policy changes, including the removal of subsidies. This move sparked widespread discontent as many feared it would lead to higher fuel, transport, tourism, trade, and food prices. Tinubu addressed these concerns, explaining his stance to the nation.


Tinubu’s Accusations and Opposition

As criticisms mounted, Tinubu accused Atiku Abubakar, a prominent opposition leader, of launching a smear campaign against him. He described Atiku as a serial defector who repaid “good with evil.” Tinubu emphasized that he was determined to stay in the presidential race, likening himself to a “Dagunro,” a poison ivy that could not be consumed.


TikTok’s Take

Amidst the political storm, TikTok became a platform for the expression of dissent. Videos circulated on the platform, some of which falsely claimed that Tinubu intended to introduce the US dollar as Nigeria’s new currency. These claims were debunked, but they fueled the controversy further. Critics labeled Tinubu as a “puppet” for Western interests and hinted at the need for a coup to remove him from power.


The Trend in Perspective

The trending hashtag #HowtoKillTinubu on TikTok is not a call for violence but rather a metaphorical expression of the desire to see a change in leadership. It symbolizes the growing dissatisfaction with Tinubu’s presidency, even though the courts have ruled in his favor.


A Presidential Visit to India

In a surprising turn of events, President Tinubu made history by becoming the first Nigerian president to attend the G20 summit in India. This development has sparked interest and curiosity among Nigerians about the direction their country’s foreign policy may take.



Nigeria finds itself at a crossroads as the controversy surrounding President Tinubu’s policies continues to intensify. The #HowtoKillTinubu trend on TikTok reflects the nation’s desire for change and a better future, even as Tinubu remains defiant in the face of criticism. The coming days will likely bring more twists and turns in the country’s political landscape.